Aliens: Colonial Marines will be released on February 12th and a brand new trailer has been released, showing a number of items and weapons we’ll have at our disposal. Read More

2013/01/30 20:21:50 UTC

Sam and Dean run into a young version of their grandfather in the latest episode of Supernatural Season 8. We have a photo gallery and videos for those who are looking for a little preview before the episode airs tonight. Read More

2013/01/30 19:39:20 UTC

*Updated with more photos* Filming has started on Insidious Chapter 2 and Leigh Whannell just posted the first photo from the set.  Read More

2013/01/30 18:41:22 UTC

Dracula-NBC-LucyThe cast of NBC’s Dracula TV series is starting to come together, and we have news on who’s playing Lucy and Renfield. Read More

2013/01/30 17:58:30 UTC

Magnolia Pictures has released a new clip from John Dies at the End and we have it for you to watch. Read More

2013/01/30 17:27:40 UTC

Excited for the upcoming release of Evil Dead? It has just been announced that the movie will be released one week earlier. Read More

2013/01/30 16:44:09 UTC

The Walking Dead Escape: Philadelphia was originally set to take place in March, but it has just been announced that the event needed to be rescheduled. Read More

2013/01/30 16:04:32 UTC

Hansel-Box-3Didn’t this movie just open in theaters? Studios are starting to realize that it’s better to promote the Blu-ray/DVD release as early as possible, and it was discovered that Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is already available for pre-order. Read More

2013/01/30 02:14:40 UTC


Spiders 3D will be making its way to theaters and VOD early next month. If you’re looking forward to the movie, we have a brand new exclusive clip and an interview we conducted with the film’s star, Christa Campbell. Read More

2013/01/30 00:54:14 UTC by Jonathan James

Gamagio recently released a new mobile game called The Walking Dead: Assault, which takes place at the beginning of the comic book series. The game allows you to take on the role of some of your favorite characters as you fight off waves of walkers, and is now available for iOS devices. For our latest contest, we’re giving away multiple download codes and have multiple ways to win: Read More

2013/01/29 23:22:37 UTC