Walking-Dead-407-box-1After spending the first five episodes at the prison, The Walking Dead Season 4 took a decidedly different turn last night and focused the entire episode on what happened to The Governor after the Season 3 finale. If you’re looking for a sneak peek of the next episode, we have the first two photos and preview videos from Dead Weight. Read More

2013/11/18 18:15:23 UTC

Dying-Light-boxWith the release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this month, Techland doesn't want you to forget that they're working on Dying Light, an upcoming zombie game that combines free running with open world survival horror. It won't be available until early next year, but we have a new trailer that shows off its next gen graphics. Read More

2013/11/18 17:42:01 UTC

After recently bringing Dracula: Prince of Darkness to Blu-ray, Millennium Entertainment has announced that they'll be following it up with the release of a Frankenstein Created Woman Blu-ray in January. Read More

2013/11/18 17:03:08 UTC

Silent-Night-Bloody-NightMany horror fans have seen Black Christmas and Silent Night, Deadly Night, but there's one Christmas-themed horror movie that pre-dates them both. We have word that 1974's Silent Night, Bloody Night has been digitally restored and will be released just in time for Christmas: Read More

2013/11/18 16:27:15 UTC

Walking-Dead-406-boxAfter five episodes, it looks like the prison group finally has a handle on the new threat. Unfortunately for them, a certain character makes a return when they're at their weakest. Tonight's episode of The Walking Dead takes the story in a new direction and you can get a sneak peek before it airs with our preview videos and photo gallery.
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2013/11/17 23:43:45 UTC

Dog-SoldiersScream Factory made not one, but two surprise title announcements this weekend at the Halloween: 35 Years of Terror convention. Read More

2013/11/17 21:06:16 UTC

Thor-Dark-WorldWith only one major release this weekend, it's no surprise that Thor: The Dark World managed to hold onto first place once again at the box office. Read More

2013/11/17 20:36:53 UTC

Northern-Lights-BoxWe're back with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting recent independent horror news sent our way. Today's feature includes the first two short films from The Four Players, the New York City Horror Film Festival lineup, details on the new zombie novel Northern Lights, and a Jason mask charity auction: Read More

2013/11/17 19:50:26 UTC by Tamika Jones

Over the years, multiple directors have attempted to get an adaptation of Preacher on the big screen, but it has never panned out. More recently, there has been word of turning it into a TV series and a new report suggests that AMC is moving ahead with a pilot order. Read More

2013/11/16 20:14:42 UTC

MONTAUK-CHRONICLESWhile many paranormal enthusiasts focus on Area 51, the Camp Hero in Montauk, Long Island was another government location where secret experiments supposedly took place. Here's a look at the trailer for Montauk Chronicles, an upcoming movie that deals with some of the legends surrounding this area: Read More

2013/11/16 19:05:05 UTC