Walking-Dead-Female-boxHer Universe announced that they have made a deal with AMC to create a collection of women’s apparel based on The Walking Dead TV series: Read More

2013/07/10 15:23:21 UTC

Walking-Dead-governor-boxGentle Giant already announced their Comic-Con exclusives, but they aren’t holding off on new product reveals until after the show. Today, they’ve given us a look at The Governor mini bust, modeled off of David Morrissey from The Walking Dead Season 3: Read More

2013/07/09 23:41:59 UTC

Under-the-Dome-boxLooking for a sneak peek of next week’s episode of Under the Dome? We have thirteen photos, the synopsis, and a preview video from Outbreak:
Read More

2013/07/09 22:58:50 UTC

Walking-Dead-112-box2Will Rick’s plans change after Negan’s visit to the Alexandria safe-zone? With Robert Kirkman’s big announcement last week, we know that events in the next few issues lead to All Out War. Find out how it all starts by checking out our new preview pages and my impressions. Read More

2013/07/09 21:39:13 UTC by Jonathan James

Those looking forward to Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium will be happy to hear that the movie will be digitally re-mastered into the IMAX format and will be playing in IMAX theaters next month: Read More

2013/07/09 20:05:10 UTC

Jug-Face-Poster-BoxJug Face just became available on VOD and digital download services this week, and will see a theatrical release on August 9th. If you’re looking to learn more about the movie, we have the first clip and the recently released trailer. Read More

2013/07/09 19:18:54 UTC

We have some good news for fans of Chucky. Following yesterday’s Curse of Chucky trailer release, Universal announced that all six movies, including the upcoming Curse of Chucky, will be sold together on October 8th in Chucky: The Complete Collection. Read More

2013/07/09 18:10:42 UTC

Last-Days-on-Mars-boxMagnet Releasing just announced that they have acquired US distribution rights to The Last Days on Mars, a new sci-fi movie starring Liev Schreiber: Read More

2013/07/09 17:33:12 UTC

Best-Friends-ForeverBest Friends Forever was recently released on VOD and digital services, and is an apocalyptic road trip movie starring Brea Grant and Vera Miao, who also wrote the screenplay together. I recently had a chance to interview the two of them and they talked about the challenges of getting this movie made, their love of apocalypse stories, and Brea making her directorial debut: Read More

2013/07/09 16:59:29 UTC by Jonathan James

Youre-Next-box-3The Fantasia Film Festival is taking place from July 18th to August 6th in Montreal and will feature over 100 films from around the world. We gave you a look at the initial lineup last month and now have an additional list of Fantasia 2013 films that will be screening, including Curse of Chucky, You’re Next, and Frankenstein’s Army: Read More

2013/07/09 16:08:41 UTC