2014/03/05 17:07:21 UTC

Malignant-boxGravitas Ventures announced that they've secured North American VOD rights to Brian Avenet-Bradley's Malignant, a new horror movie where a rogue doctor (Brad Dourif) conducts human experiments in an attempt to cure addictions: Read More

2014/03/05 16:29:50 UTC

Stage-Fright-BoxLast month, it had been announced that Magnet Releasing acquired Stage Fright ahead of its world premiere at SXSW. Directed by Jerome Sable, the horror musical takes place at a musical theater camp that is “terrorized by a blood-thirsty killer who hates musical theater.” Here's a look at the red band trailer and new poster: Read More

2014/03/05 00:55:23 UTC

Supernatural-915-boxThe Ghostfacers return in the latest episode of Supernatural. If you'd like a sneak peak before the episode airs, check out our photos and preview videos: Read More

2014/03/05 00:04:39 UTC

Mr-Jones-box-2Last month, Anchor Bay Films announced that Mr. Jones will get a Blu-ray and DVD release in May, along with a limited theatrical release. We'll have more extensive coverage of Mr. Jones in the coming months, but wanted to share a handful of new photos that were sent our way. Read More

2014/03/04 22:51:12 UTC

Human-Centipede-3We haven't heard much about The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) since it started filming in California last year, but the first photo has just been released. Read More

2014/03/04 21:02:38 UTC

Bates Motel Season 2 kicked off last night with the first of ten new episodes. If you want a taste of what goes down next week, we have a preview video and the official synopsis.  Read More

2014/03/04 20:29:00 UTC

Afflicted-boxCBS Films recently announced that they'll release Afflicted to theaters and on-demand services in April and we now have a look at the official trailer: Read More

2014/03/04 19:02:17 UTC by Heather Wixson

Haunt-box-2Haunt was recently released to VOD and, with its theatrical release coming up later this week, we had director Mac Carter take part in our latest Q&A feature. Continue reading to learn about his experience working on his first feature film and what he'd like to tackle next: Read More

2014/03/04 17:37:24 UTC

Walking-Dead-22-box*Updated with PC/Mac/PSN/Xbox release dates* We know that gamers have been waiting to find out when the next episode of The Walking Dead video game will be released and we have some of the platform release dates, along with the official trailer for Episode 2: A House Divided.  Read More

2014/03/04 17:13:26 UTC

Scream-Park-boxBack in 2012, we interviewed writer / director Cary Hill, who told us about his work on Scream Park, his homage to 80's slasher films that featured Doug Bradley. Wild Eye Releasing has announced that they'll be bringing the movie to DVD and VOD, and we have all the details: Read More