Jason Voorhees


At long last, George A. Romero will bring his brand of zombies and vampires to the small screen. A TV adaptation of Romero's Empire of the Dead comic book is in the works at Demarest, and Romero is teaming up with Peter Grunwald to pen the series.

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2015/05/21 16:09:24 UTC by Derek Anderson


Grey Matter Art and StudioCanal S.A have teamed up to present an officially licensed, limited edition Evil Dead 2 poster by artist Gary Pullin. There is a glow-in-the-dark variant edition in this release as well. Also in this round-up: release details on the Dead Silence Blu-ray and new Garbage Pail Kids T-shirts from Fright Rags.

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2015/05/21 15:34:17 UTC by Tamika Jones


With filming underway in New Zealand on STARZ's Ash vs Evil Dead series, Mimi Rogers has joined the cast as the mother of Dana DeLorenzo's character, Kelly.

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2015/05/20 20:57:29 UTC by Derek Anderson


Presented as a 1980s horror film on VHS, the horror comedy Dude Bro Party Massacre III takes a delightfully over-the-top, blood-splattered approach to the slasher sub-genre in its full-length trailer.

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2015/05/20 19:09:23 UTC by Derek Anderson


After bringing demons onscreen in The Gate, Tibor Takács directed I, Madman, featuring a killer straight out of a horror novel. Scream Factory's releasing I, Madman to Blu-ray on July 21st, and we have a look at the cover art and list of special features:

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2015/05/20 18:26:24 UTC by Derek Anderson


Following its recent, well-received screening at the Stanley Film Festival, the zombie film, Cooties, is now teased in its first trailer, giving us a good look at the horror comedy that stars Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson, Alison Pill, and Leigh Whannell.

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2015/05/20 17:35:38 UTC by Derek Anderson


"I feel dislocated and ghost-like. I am a cadaver bored with its own funeral." Horror and noir blend together to eerie effect in John Pata's short film, Pity. Following a well-received festival run, we now have Pata's new short for Daily Dead readers to enjoy:

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2015/05/20 17:10:52 UTC by Derek Anderson


What if the zombies from Dawn of the Dead shambled through your front door? This type of question is considered by the folks at In Case Of Emergency Cabinets, and their new Zombie Melee Cabinet is their handmade answer to such survival pondering.

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2015/05/20 16:20:50 UTC by Derek Anderson


In honor of last year's 40th anniversary of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Grey Matter Art revealed the final poster of the film in their four-part artwork series. Also in this round-up: two trailers for Ju-On: The Final, which inspired The Grudge franchise in the United States, and a clip from Sky Sharks.

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2015/05/20 15:01:33 UTC by Tamika Jones


The Executioner—the third and final DLC for The Evil Within—will allow gamers to wield the game's iconic, blood-soaked hammer as The Keeper. Ahead of the DLC's May 26th release, Bethesda has released a brand new trailer for The Executioner:

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2015/05/20 14:05:52 UTC by Derek Anderson


A weapon familiar to fans of both The Walking Dead comic book series and TV show is featured on the cover of issue #145, hitting shelves on August 12th. The cover for Volume 24 has also been revealed, along with the Compendium Three release date.

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2015/05/20 02:07:46 UTC by Derek Anderson


"I think all these sororities are evil, but that house... is truly dangerous." A new, full-length trailer for Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens TV series has been released, teasing the hazing and horrors to come, including a death-by-lawnmower scene.

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2015/05/19 21:01:30 UTC by Derek Anderson


The latest clip from 20th Century Fox's Poltergeist remake (hitting theaters this Friday) features Griffin Bowen's (Kyle Catlett) encounter with the lively, creepy clown doll.

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2015/05/19 19:04:48 UTC by Derek Anderson


Movie theater-dwelling demons, shambling zombies, and gore galore will be shown on the silver screen this weekend at the Mahoning Drive-In Theatre's Zombiefest in Lehighton, Pennsylvania, covering three days and featuring nine living dead films.

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2015/05/19 18:30:03 UTC by Derek Anderson


After making quite an impression at the Stanley Film Festival, Todd Strauss-Schulson's meta horror hit, The Final Girls, will screen at the L.A. Film Fest next month, along with an advance look at MTV's Scream TV series and many more onscreen scares.

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2015/05/19 17:49:22 UTC by Derek Anderson