Looking for a new home in Los Angeles? Maybe you should buy the house from A Nightmare on Elm Street. The original house used in the 1984 Wes Craven classic is now for sale and we have all the details, along with a number of photos. Read More

2013/02/02 22:00:28 UTC

We wanted to remind readers that AMC has two marathons planned to let people catch up on The Walking Dead before the Season 3 return next weekend. We’ve also included air dates for the upcoming black & white episodes that we reported on previously. Read More

2013/02/02 20:03:32 UTC

We’ve been covering Doctor Sleep quite a bit since it was officially announced last year and will have much more coverage leading up to its release in September. The novel is a sequel to The Shining that follows a 40 year old Danny Torrance and a tribe of psychic vampires.

EW recently caught up with Stephen King and published a lengthy interview, where King talks about his reason for writing a sequel now, re-reading The Shining after all these years, and there’s mention of a ‘Salem’s Lot Easter egg: Read More

2013/02/02 19:04:37 UTC

Last-Exorcism-Part-II-boxThe Last Exorcism Part II will open in theaters a little less than a month from now and CBS Films has been releasing a number of new photos from the movie. We rounded them up and have a gallery with all of the new and previously released images. Read More

2013/02/02 18:30:10 UTC

The ABCs of Death is now available on a variety of VOD services and will receive a limited theatrical release on March 8th. If you’re looking to learn more before checking it out, we have a new featurette with a number of the directors involved talking about the movie and their segment. Read More

2013/02/02 17:55:49 UTC

Vin Diesel has been keeping fans updated on the status of Riddick for years now and continues to do so on his Facebook page. Today, he posted another new photo from the movie and we’ve added it to our image gallery.  Read More

2013/02/01 23:33:12 UTC

*Updated 2/1 with a better look at the teaser art* The first episode of Bates Motel will premiere on March 18th and we’ve been getting a much better look at the series over the last month. Today, a new teaser poster and video were released, featuring Norman and his mother. Read More

2013/02/01 22:54:03 UTC

Neil Jordan’s Byzantium was acquired for US distribution by IFC after the movie’s Toronto International Film Festival screening last year. There’s no US release date yet, but it will be opening overseas in the next few months, and a new international trailer has been released. Read More

2013/02/01 22:10:53 UTC

This time it’s director James Wan who posted a new photo from the set of Insidious Chapter 2. We get a look at the inside of the house, where a hypnosis session appears to be taking place. Read More

2013/02/01 21:40:29 UTC

Isaac-MarionFans of the Warm Bodies novel don’t just have the movie to look forward to this week. A prequel novella, titled The New Hunger, was also released, and I had a chance to talk with author Isaac Marion about a variety of topics related to the movie and his written works. Continue reading to learn about his involvement on the Warm Bodies movie, his plans for a sequel, and The New Hunger: Read More

2013/02/01 21:08:04 UTC by Jonathan James