Vault-of-HorrorThis past weekend, Mondo opened a new exhibit in Austin that celebrates the world of EC Comics and Tales From the Crypt. A number of poster will be made available online tomorrow and we have them for you to check out. Read More

2013/10/28 21:20:57 UTC

Frankenstein-MummyDuring our recent coverage of All Hallows' Eve, director Damien Leone teased his next film. Here are new details on Frankenstein Vs. The Mummy, which will begin filming at the end of this year:
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2013/10/28 20:56:08 UTC by Jonathan James

Sigourney-WeaverFollowing their work together on Elysium, Sony Pictures Entertainment and MRC recently announced that they were teaming up again to produce and finance Neill Blomkamp's next project, Chappie. Production is starting and we have the current cast list, that now includes Sigourney Weaver. Read More

2013/10/28 20:13:53 UTC

Walking-Dead-4-05-box-1Earlier today, we gave you a look at a number of preview videos from the fourth episode of The Walking Dead Season 4. AMC has just released the first two photos from the upcoming episode, titled Indifference, and we have them for you to check out.  Read More

2013/10/28 19:02:20 UTC

CBS and Netflix announced that they've made a deal to bring all of Dexter to the Netflix streaming service, with the first half of the series available starting on October 31st: Read More

2013/10/28 18:28:56 UTC

Wicker-Man-Vinyl-boxThis year marks the 40th anniversary of Robin Hardy's cult horror film, The Wicker Man. We've already reported on the new Blu-ray/DVD release and limited theatrical screenings, but that's not all. Rare Sleeve is releasing a limited edition vinyl soundtrack and we have all the details: Read More

2013/10/28 17:14:48 UTC

The-Visitor-2Drafthouse Films' theatrical re-release of 1979's The Visitor kicks off this week and we have details on when and where you can check it out: Read More

2013/10/28 16:30:17 UTC

Walking-Dead-4-logoThe new threat continued to take its toll on the prison group in episode 3 and time is running out. If you're looking for a sneak peek at episode 4, we have the preview video that followed last night's episode and two clips. Read More

2013/10/28 16:03:14 UTC

Walking-Dead-4-03-box-3On last week's episode of The Walking Dead Season 4, a new threat was introduced and it’s going to have a huge impact on everyone at the prison. If you’re looking for a sneak peek at tonight's episode, we have an updated photo gallery, including two photos exclusive to Daily Dead. Read More

2013/10/27 20:41:26 UTC

Scream-and-Scream-AgainContinuing our series of classic horror trailers that feature Vincent Price, we have 1970's Scream and Scream Again. While it may not be Vincent Price's most known film, it is one of the only times that Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing appeared in the same movie. Read More

2013/10/27 19:23:24 UTC