Walking-Dead-season-4-boxIf you’d like a behind-the-scenes look at The Walking Dead Season 4, AMC has just released a video with set footage and the cast & producers talking about the new season. We get a look at a couple of new walkers, we can see a number of upgrades made to the prison, and the cast talks about their characters at the start of Season 4. Read More

2013/08/01 17:44:02 UTC

Curse-of-Chucky-box-2Curse of Chucky will be available on Blu-ray and DVD in October, but will see an early VOD release in September and is playing a handful of festivals before then. We’ve already shown you photos and the official trailer, but a brand new Curse of Chucky red band trailer has been released and we have it for you to watch. Read More

2013/08/01 17:12:13 UTC

Walking-Dead-series-4The Walking Dead Series 4 Minimates Exclusive: We’ve been covering the latest Minimates releases from Diamond Select Toys and gave readers an early look at The Walking Dead Series 4 Minimates at Comic-Con last month. We now have an exclusive first look at The Walking Dead Series 4 Minimates packaging: Read More

2013/08/01 16:30:11 UTC by Jonathan James

ExorcistBack in June, Warner Bros. revealed the new Blu-ray edition of The Exorcist in celebration of its 40th anniversary. New images of the set have now been released and we have them for you to check out. Warner Bros. previously made this official announcement: Read More

2013/08/01 16:09:12 UTC

Anchor Bay Entertainment will release The Walking Dead Season 3 Blu-ray and DVD on August 27th and we have a look at a deleted scene featuring Merle and Carol. Read More

2013/08/01 15:25:18 UTC

There have been some big announcements related to The Walking Dead Season 4 and comic book series this month, but there are also a handful of minor items we thought may be of interest to our readers. Continue reading to learn about an episode that David Goyer will direct, take a look at The Walking Dead Monopoly, and will we see a zombie baby? Read More

2013/08/01 02:41:03 UTC

The-Mummy-box-3Len Wiseman (Underworld, Total Recall) was set to direct a reboot of The Mummy for Universal, but it’s being report that he has exited the project. Read More

2013/08/01 02:07:46 UTC

Genius-boxHorror fans may know Steven T. Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen from their work on House of Secrets, but they’ve worked together on a number of projects, including It’s a Bird and the recently released Genius. I had a chance to catch up with the both of them at Comic-Con and learned about the real life story that inspired Genius, their creative process, and their thoughts on a Genius movie: Read More

2013/08/01 00:36:02 UTC by Jonathan James

Fright-Night-2-boxAs we told you last week, Fox will be releasing a new Fright Night movie later this year. Titled, Fright Night 2, the movie stars Jaime Murray and we have news on the release date, along with a look at some potential cover art.  Read More

2013/07/31 21:50:10 UTC

The horror-themed webstore Cavity Colors have revealed a new Scanners design called ‘MIND BLOWN’ which is available as a t-shirt or as a tank top. The design is a tribute to David Cronenberg’s classic film released back in 1981. Here is Cavity Colors introducing their latest (and somewhat NSFW) t-shirt: Read More

2013/07/31 20:11:23 UTC