NECA will be releasing their first series of new Aliens figures at the end of this month and they’ve shown off new photos of the final figure designs in their packaging: Read More

2013/05/24 17:48:38 UTC

Sightseers-boxAfter his blisteringly visceral thriller Kill List last year, UK filmmaker Ben Wheatley recently returned to the helm for the pitch black comedy Sightseers, a movie that managed to leave this writer’s jaw on the floor during its stunning conclusion and will most likely make my Top 5 list for 2013 as well. It’s just that damn great and the perfect example of powerful indie storytelling done right. Read More

2013/05/24 17:17:18 UTC by Heather Wixson

As mentioned earlier this week, The Human Centipede 3 has started filming in Los Angeles and we now have new plot details. *Note: some of the information may be considered as spoilers, so don’t continue reading if you don’t want to know anything about the movie. Read More

2013/05/24 16:30:07 UTC

True-Blood-6-Poster-BoxThe government is cracking down on vampire activity in the upcoming season of True Blood, and HBO has released a brand new teaser video that contains previously unseen footage. Read More

2013/05/24 15:54:36 UTC

Pacific-Rim-Banner-2-boxWarner Bros. continues their barrage of Pacific Rim-related art with a brand new banner. Read More

2013/05/24 01:19:09 UTC

Stephen King’s Joyland will be released on June 4th and we’ve been provided with five audiobook copies to give away to Daily Dead readers. Read More

2013/05/23 22:23:27 UTC

This-is-the-end-box-2Looking for more footage from This Is The End? A new red band TV spot has been released and we have it for you to check out. Read More

2013/05/23 21:00:58 UTC

Apocalypse-CowMad cow disease is nothing compared to an epidemic that turns Britain’s livestock into flesh-eating zombies. This is the story behind Michael Logan’s recently released novel, Apocalypse Cow, and we’ve been provided with an exclusive excerpt to share with Daily Dead readers.  Read More

2013/05/23 19:39:00 UTC

World-War-z-box-3This poster for World War Z may look familiar, but it’s actually a newly issued poster from Paramount with updated artwork. Read More

2013/05/23 18:53:18 UTC

Oldboy-boxSpike Lee’s remake of Oldboy was set for release on October 11th, but the date has been changed and we’ll have to wait a little bit longer to see it. Read More

2013/05/23 18:14:10 UTC