Maggie-GlennIf you’re looking for some content to hold you over until The Walking Dead Season 4 trailer premiere on Friday, we have two behind-the-scenes videos and a new motion photo featuring Maggie and Glenn. Read More

2013/07/16 23:55:41 UTC

The-Conjuring-box-4After all the positive reactions from early screenings of The Conjuring, New Line is expecting to have a big hit on their hands and is already developing a sequel. Read More

2013/07/16 22:12:30 UTC

Fans of Friday the 13th were excited to hear that Paramount regained full rights to the movie franchise and we’ve been waiting to hear about their plans. A brief update from Platinum Dunes’ Brad Fuller reveals that work on a new movie will begin shortly.  Read More

2013/07/16 20:27:27 UTC

The Walking Dead Escape was a huge success at Comic-Con last year and the event returns to San Diego this week. I had a chance to catch up with event producer Liam Brenner, who told me about what they learned from the first event, changes that have gone into the new course, their plan to expand The Walking Dead Escape, and adding more zombies… Read More

2013/07/16 19:04:22 UTC by Jonathan James

Following recent rumors that Evil Dead would be a part of Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, it has now been officially confirmed. An Evil Dead-themed haunted maze will be coming to both Universal Studios in Florida and Hollywood: Read More

2013/07/16 18:02:36 UTC

Yesterday, we reported that Fox was giving Predator a 3D convention for an upcoming Blu-ray release. Now we have the official announcement from Fox about Predator 3D and details on how you can create a custom Predator figure at Comic-Con: Read More

2013/07/16 17:35:17 UTC

Insidious-2-box-2The first clip from Insidious Chapter 2 has been released. For those wondering how the movie would continue after the ending of the first film, this clip picks up right where Insidious left off.
Read More

2013/07/16 16:46:47 UTC

Frankensteins-Army-box-3Frankenstein’s Army will be released later this month and we’ve had a steady supply of new images and trailers recently. Today, we have an update to our image gallery with four new photos of the monsters that make up Frankenstein’s Army. Read More

2013/07/16 16:13:06 UTC

Worlds-End-Comic-Con-boxThe World’s End won’t be released in the US until August 23rd, but Edgar Wright and the main cast will be at Comic-Con this week and a brand new poster was created by Tommy Lee Edwards. Read More

2013/07/16 15:42:00 UTC

Carrie-box-newOne of the many genre films being promoted at this week’s Comic-Con is the remake of Carrie and we have a look at the new banner that will be on display in San Diego. Read More

2013/07/16 02:06:29 UTC