BloodmasqueSquare Enix released the Bloodmasque trailer at E3, giving gamers a first look at their vampire-hunting RPG for mobile devices: Read More

2013/06/12 15:46:44 UTC

It was recently confirmed that Anchor Bay was working on a Halloween 35th Anniversary Blu-ray edition and fans will be happy to hear that the movie’s cinematographer is supervising the transfer: Read More

2013/06/12 00:48:36 UTC

VHS2 Poster boxA substantial improvement in both concept and execution over its predecessor, V/H/S/2 is one of horror’s best recent anthologies, even if its fealty to – or perhaps inability to avoid — genre cliches undermines its overall impact. Creating a uniquely eclectic series of found-footage vignettes, its seven directors surpass the imagination and intensity of those in the original V/H/S, reiterating the format’s importance as both a showcase for interstitial creativity between feature-length projects and a testing ground for future ones. Read More

2013/06/11 22:56:04 UTC by Todd Gilchrist

Wolfenstein-New-Order-BoxBethesda gave us the first teaser trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order last month and we now have a new E3 trailer that includes in-game footage. Read More

2013/06/11 21:29:16 UTC

This-is-the-end-box-2Society is saturated with celebrity. Look no further than the amount of “followers” on social media pages and ratings for reality programming for evidence. Writer / director combo Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen take this fascination to the extreme with This Is The End, placing a slew of recognizable personalities amidst the apocalypse. Based on a short film Jay and Seth vs. The Apocalypse, Goldberg and Rogen inject their film with self-deprecating hilarity and humorous horror set-ups. Read More

2013/06/11 20:41:31 UTC by Monte Yazzie

The-Haunting-boxRobert Wise’s The Haunting is headed to Blu-ray, courtesy of Warner Bros. Read More

2013/06/11 20:01:39 UTC

Evil-Within-boxWe saw a live-action teaser trailer in April, but the first The Evil Within gameplay footage is being shown off at E3 and we have a video of it for you to check out.  Read More

2013/06/11 19:17:11 UTC

Deadbeat-BookToday sees the release of Deadbeat – Makes You Stronger, the first in a brand-new series of horror detective novels by Guy Adams, and we’ve been provided with an exclusive excerpt to share with Daily Dead readers: Read More

2013/06/11 18:57:48 UTC

Dead-Rising-3-ScreenshotsFollowing yesterday’s game reveal and first footage release, we’re back with new game details and the first Dead Rising 3 screenshots. Read More

2013/06/11 18:03:29 UTC

Walking-Dead-400-daysTelltale previously revealed that they would be releasing new content for The Walking Dead video game before the second season is available this fall. The Walking Dead: 400 Days has been officially announced and will be available this summer. Continue reading for the official press release and first trailer: Read More

2013/06/11 16:32:52 UTC