2014/03/29 16:44:35 UTC

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, MPI/Dark Sky Films recently announced that they'll re-release the movie to theaters with a brand new 4k transfer and we now know when the movie will begin screening. Read More

2014/03/28 21:40:35 UTC by Heather Wixson

Gareth-Evans-Raid-2This week, Gareth Evans’ truly stellar action masterpiece The Raid 2 arrives in theaters. To get you ready for all the madness, Daily Dead recently chatted exclusively with Evans about his approach to creating a complex world filled with a multitude of engaging characters for his sequel, how he nailed some of his more complex scenes including an incredible car chase sequence, how The Raid star Iko Uwais has evolved as an actor and gives us a tease of what we can expect for The Raid 3. Read More

2014/03/28 21:01:01 UTC

Rosemary-boxYou may have seen some of these floating around from magazine scans, but NBC has released a full set of digital photos from the upcoming Rosemary's Baby miniseries and we have them for you to check out. Read More

2014/03/28 19:15:32 UTC

Walking-Dead-Season-4-finalWe're always looking for cool items to give away to Daily Dead readers and we've teamed up with First My Family to give one lucky Daily Dead reader their own survival kit. All you have to do is tell us who you think will be killed off during The Walking Dead Season 4 finale. Read More

2014/03/28 18:44:41 UTC

Without-Warning-boxScream Factory dropped another one of their surprise title announcements this afternoon, revealing that they'll be bringing 1980's Without Warning to Blu-ray & DVD for the first time this summer. They've also provided an update on their upcoming release slate: Read More

2014/03/28 18:14:48 UTC

All-Cheerleaders-DieImage Entertainment acquired Lucky McKee's All Cheerleaders Die after its TIFF screening last September and and we know that a number of readers have been waiting to find out when they could see it for themselves. There's not too long of a wait, as we now have word on when it will be released to VOD and theaters. Read More

2014/03/28 17:09:47 UTC

HelixAhead of tonight's Helix season finale, Syfy has announced that the series has been officially renewed for a 13-episode second season: Read More

2014/03/28 15:39:50 UTC

Stuart-Gordon-boxEarly April will see the start of Taste, a new play that should interest horror fans, as it was directed by Stuart Gordon. For those in the Hollywood area, we have details on when you can see Taste, including details on special showings that include a Stuart Gordon Q&A: Read More

2014/03/28 00:12:19 UTC

Purge-AnarchyWe recently showed you a teaser trailer for The Purge: Anarchy and Universal has followed that up with a new full theatrical trailer that gives us a much better look at the upcoming sequel. Read More

2014/03/27 23:25:08 UTC

Creepshow-Gary-boxEarlier this month, we showed you a piece of artwork from "Ghoulish" Gary Pullin for Waxwork Records' upcoming Creepshow vinyl release, but that was only the tip of the iceberg. We now have all the details, including a look at the all of the artwork that any fan of the 1982 horror anthology movie won't want to miss. Read More