Machete-Kills-box-5The first official clip from Machete Kills has just been released, giving us a good look at Sofia Vergara’s character from the upcoming sequel. Read More

2013/09/13 18:52:08 UTC

Walking-Dead-4-30-days-boxWe hope that all of our readers are enjoying Friday the 13th. This is always a good time to watch the Friday the 13th series with friends and, if you’re looking for something new, Insidious Chapter 2 opened today in US theaters. For fans of The Walking Dead, today marks 30 days until the return of The Walking Dead and we’ve been provided with a new teaser image. Read More

2013/09/13 18:12:31 UTC

Insidious-2-box-2Just months after the release of The Conjuring, James Wan returns to the horror genre again – and evidently for the last time for a while – with Insidious Chapter 2. A sprawling, idiosyncratic film that attempts to recontextualize the events of its predecessor, Wan’s sequel is ambitious but shortsighted, creepy but cartoonish, but utterly watchable. While perhaps unworthy as a companion piece to what many revere as a modern classic, Insidious Chapter 2’s weird inventiveness almost makes up for its frequent incompetence. Read More

2013/09/13 17:50:56 UTC by Todd Gilchrist

Coven-box-3The first official photos from American Horror Story: Coven have been released and they give us a good look at Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett’s characters from the upcoming season. Read More

2013/09/13 16:52:30 UTC

The remake of Poltergeist is expected to begin filming before the end of the year and we’ve been reporting on a number of casting updates. Today, we know who’s playing the family’s young daughter in the movie. Read More

2013/09/13 16:04:35 UTC

Hands-of-the-Ripper-boxOne of Hammer’s last films and I think one of their best, Hands of the Ripper is a fun play on the Jack the Ripper mythology, with a great central performance from Angharad Rees. Although she’s the daughter of a killer and she is no angel, you still feel for her. Synapse has released this gem on Blu-ray and DVD with a fine looking image and a slate of bonus content that should make most fans happy. Read More

2013/09/13 15:07:57 UTC by Derek Botelho

The-ReturnedStarting on Halloween, the Sundance Channel will air the eight-part French horror series, The Returned (also known as Les Revenants). If you’d like to learn more, we have the official synopsis and air dates for all eight episodes: Read More

2013/09/12 23:40:31 UTC

With Halloween quickly approaching, there are quite a few home video horror releases coming up and we have multiple contests lined up. Millennium Entertainment is releasing Dracula: Prince of Darkness to Blu-ray on September 17th and they’ve provided us with a few copies to give away to Daily Dead readers.
Read More

2013/09/12 22:39:55 UTC

RoboCop-Poster-boxFollowing last week’s RoboCop trailer and photo releases, Sony Pictures has given us a brand new poster for the upcoming reboot. Read More

2013/09/12 20:59:59 UTC

Walking-Dead-Season-4-rickWe’re about a month out from the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 4 and it won’t be long before we have non-stop coverage leading up to the first episode, including interviews, photos, previews, and contests. AMC is kicking things off with a nearly 4-minute preview video, feature footage from the new season and the cast & crew teasing what’s ahead. Read More

2013/09/12 19:35:21 UTC