2014/06/19 18:58:25 UTC by Jonathan James

Fantasia-2014-boxThe 18th annual Fantasia International Film Festival will be taking place once again in Montreal and the first wave of programming has been announced, revealing an eclectic mix of genre films from around the world: Read More

2014/06/19 18:28:32 UTC by Jonathan James

Guardians-boxEasily my most anticipated release among the upcoming summer blockbusters, Guardians of the Galaxy introduces moviegoers to a cast of lesser known comic book characters and gives us a better look at the cosmic side of the Marvel cinematic universe. Written and directed by James Gunn, who is no stranger to horror fans, Marvel has released six brand new photos and we have them for you to check out. Read More

2014/06/19 17:17:10 UTC by Derek Anderson

ClayneCrawford-Spectral-boxWe've seen some heavy-duty modern warfare films over the past decade, but none of them featured ghosts as the enemy. That's the twist in Legendary Pictures' upcoming supernatural thriller Spectral, which is beginning to take shape now that another actor has joined the cast. Read More

2014/06/19 16:03:54 UTC by Derek Anderson

TheDaytheEarthStoodStill-actionfigures-box"From out of space, a warning and an ultimatum." Over sixty years after its initial release, the 1951 sci-fi classic The Day the Earth Stood Still is still as relevant as ever. Highly regarded both for its entertainment value and its social commentary about the dangers of humanity's increasing violence and development of nuclear weapons, the film's legacy is now preserved in action figure form. Read More

2014/06/19 15:34:36 UTC by Derek Anderson

Doctor-Strange-boxEarlier this month, Marvel picked Scott Derrickson as the director of Doctor Strange. The project about a neurosurgeon turned sorcerer and protecter of Earth is wasting no time picking up steam, as Marvel has announced the writer they want to craft the Doctor's first big screen adventure. Read More

2014/06/19 03:35:36 UTC by Jonathan James

Dawn-Apes-boxWith less than a month until the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Fox has released the final trailer for the movie.  Read More

2014/06/18 21:23:36 UTC by Jonathan James

Deliver-Us-From-EvilWe've recently gave Daily Dead readers a look at the extended trailer for Scott Derrickson's Deliver Us From Evil and we now have a look at the first clip from the movie that features Olivia Munn.
Read More

2014/06/18 21:14:22 UTC by Derek Anderson

PhantomOpera-vinyl-boxEven if you've seen 1925's classic silent film The Phantom of the Opera countless times, you've likely never seen Lon Chaney haunt the Paris Opera House to a horn-heavy, rock-infused backdrop. From the Belgium-based One Way Static Records and available now for pre-order comes a re-score soundtrack to Rupert Julian's highly-regarded adaptation of the novel of obsessive and lethal love by Gaston Leroux. Read More

2014/06/18 19:35:16 UTC by Brian Smith

Alien-Isolation-boxLast week at the 2014 E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Daily Dead had the opportunity to get some play time with Alien: Isolation, an upcoming first-person survival horror game set fifteen years after the events of the original 1979 film. Playing as Amanda Ripley, daughter of the famous Ellen Ripley, Alien: Isolation has you navigating your way through an creepy, abandoned space station in search of evidence explaining the disappearance of her mother. Read More

2014/06/18 17:31:57 UTC by Derek Anderson

walking-4-zombieHave you been hungry for more of The Walking Dead since the Season 4 finale aired? If so, AMC has something to sate your appetite until Season 5 premieres this fall. AMC is turning this Fourth of July into a “Dead, White, and Blue” Weekend that features a marathon of the entire series run capped off by a new episode of Talking Dead, with two behind-the-scenes documentaries on The Walking Dead airing in the following days. Read More