Following their work together on Elysium, Sony Pictures Entertainment and MRC recently announced that they were teaming up again to produce and finance Neill Blomkamp’s next project, Chappie. Production is expected to begin this fall and we now have an official release date. Read More

2013/08/20 22:16:44 UTC

Walking-Dead-HollywoodIt was previously announced that The Walking Dead would return for Halloween Horror Nights 2013, but we now have new details on The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven. This maze is exclusive to Universal Studios Hollywood and places guests in the prison while it is being overrun by walkers: Read More

2013/08/20 20:12:25 UTC

NosferatuScream Factory shows no signs of slowing down their classic horror releases and just announced that Nosferatu: The Vampire will be headed to Blu-ray next year. Read More

2013/08/20 19:33:24 UTC

Haunting-of-Helena-boxAfter its limited theatrical release in June, The Haunting of Helena is making its way to DVD and digital platforms next month. We have the official press release, DVD details, cover art, and the trailer: Read More

2013/08/20 18:55:15 UTC

PattonSony Pictures has revealed that Patton Oswalt, Bob Odenkirk and Ian Roberts will join genre-frenzy movie The Kitchen Sink, as the full cast begins to take shape. Read More

2013/08/20 17:55:48 UTC

Anchor-Bay-FIlms-LogoAnchor Bay has announced that their remake of Embrace of the Vampire will be released to Blu-ray and DVD this October. They’ll also be releasing the original movie on Blu-ray for the first time: Read More

2013/08/20 17:17:52 UTC

Dead-Snow-2-boxTommy Wirkola, director of upcoming Dead Snow: Red Vs. Dead, adds three new cast members for another round of Nazi-zombie action: Martin Starr, Ingrid Haas and Jocelyn Deboer. Read More

2013/08/20 16:33:41 UTC

PurgatoryScott Spiegel, co-writer of Evil Dead II and director of Hostel III, has been announced as the executive producer of a new movie that follows three new arrivals in purgatory: Read More

2013/08/20 16:00:10 UTC

Garden-Warfare-boxEA surprised everyone at E3 earlier this year with Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. This Xbox-exclusive title is a third-person shooter set in the PvZ universe and we have new details from Gamescom: Read More

2013/08/20 15:44:05 UTC

Fright-Night-2-box-2Earlier today, Fox Home Entertainment announced the release of Fright Night 2: New Blood on Blu-ray and DVD in October. We now have the official trailer and seven photos. Read More

2013/08/20 01:30:44 UTC