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Jonathan James - Editor-in-Chief

After spending more than 10 years as a consultant in the tech and entertainment industry, Jonathan James launched Daily Dead in 2010 to share his interest in horror and sci-fi. Since then, it has grown into an online magazine with a staff of writers that provide daily news, reviews, interviews, and special features.

As the Editor-in-Chief of Daily Dead, Jonathan is responsible for bringing the latest horror news to millions of readers from around the world. He is also consulted with as an expert on zombies in entertainment and pop culture, providing analyses of the zombie sub-genre to newspapers, radio stations, and convention attendees.

Heather Wixson - Managing Editor

After falling in love with the horror genre at a very early age, Heather Wixson has spent the last seven years carving out a name for herself in the genre world as a both a journalist and as a proponent of independent horror cinema. Wixson was previously a featured writer at DreadCentral.com and TerrorTube.com where her online career began; she’s also been a contributor at FEARnet as well as a panelist for several of their online programs.

When writing about the horror genre isn’t keeping her busy, Wixson also works as a publicity and marketing specialist with a focus on horror-themed entertainment and in March 2013, she started the CineMayhem Film Fest in Thousand Oaks, CA which celebrates the best and brightest that indie horror has to offer.

Derek Anderson - Senior News Contributor

Raised on a steady diet of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books and Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Derek has been fascinated with fear since he first saw ForeverWare being used on an episode of Eerie, Indiana.

When he’s not writing about horror as the Senior News Reporter for Daily Dead, Derek can be found daydreaming about the Santa Carla Boardwalk from The Lost Boys or reading Stephen King and Brian Keene novels.

Monte Yazzie - Film Critic

Monte is an independent filmmaker from Arizona and a film reviewer for a North Phoenix publication. He has spent most of his life watching, re-watching, analyzing, and examining film of all genres, though his film fondness remains loyally with horror, science fiction, and film classics.

When he isn’t keeping up with his first passion, his lovely wife and young child, you can find him working on film projects or searching for rare and out-of-print films for his ever-growing collection. He is actively involved in the Arizona film community, offering support to independent venues, local filmmakers, and film festivals.

Tamika Jones - Indie Spotlight Manager, News Contributor

Tamika hails from North Beach, Maryland, a tiny town inches from the Chesapeake Bay.She knew she wanted to be an actor after reciting a soliloquy by Sojourner Truth in front of her entire fifth grade class. Since then, she's appeared in over 20 film and television projects. In addition to acting, Tamika is the Indie Spotlight manager for Daily Dead, where she brings readers news on independent horror projects every weekend.

The first horror film Tamika watched was Child's Play. Being eight years old at the time, she remembers being so scared when Chucky came to life that she projectile vomited. It's tough for her to choose only one movie as her favorite horror film, so she picked two: Nosferatu and The Stepford Wives (1975).

Patrick Bromley - Contributor

Patrick lives in Chicago, where he has been writing about film since 2004. A member of the Chicago Film Critics Association and the Online Film Critics Society, Patrick's writing also appears on About.com, DVDVerdict.com and fthismovie.net, the site he runs and hosts a weekly podcast.

He has been an obsessive fan of horror and genre films his entire life, watching, re-watching and studying everything from the Universal Monsters of the '30s and '40s to the modern explosion of indie horror. Some of his favorites include Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1931), Dawn of the Dead (1978), John Carpenter's The Thing and The Funhouse. He is a lover of Tobe Hooper and his favorite Halloween film is part 4. He knows how you feel about that. He has a great wife and two cool kids, who he hopes to raise as horror nerds.

Scott Drebit - Contributor

Scott Drebit lives and works in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is happily married (back off ladies) with 2 grown kids. He has had a life-long, torrid, love affair with Horror films. He grew up watching Horror on VHS, and still tries to rewind his Blu-rays. Some of his favourite horror films include Phantasm, Alien, Burnt Offerings, Phantasm, Zombie, Halloween, and Black Christmas. Oh, and Phantasm.

Kalyn Corrigan - Contributor

Kalyn Corrigan is a freelance writer who has worked for a variety of news outlets, including Daily Dead, Bloody Disgusting, Shock Till You Drop, Playboy, ComingSoon.net, Icons of Fright, and FEARnet. When she's not writing, she spends her spare time reading lots of Joe Hill and spouting her crazy True Detective theories to anyone who will listen. Kalyn currently lives in Los Angeles, California with her two cats, Ash and Spike.

Margee Kerr - Contributing Writer

Margee Kerr has a PhD in sociology from the University of Pittsburgh, where she currently teaches and conducts research on fear, with a focus on how and why people engage with frightening or thrilling material. Margee has also worked in the haunted attraction industry for the past eight years, notably with ScareHouse in helping to create immersive and thrilling experiences. She is the author of SCREAM: Chilling Adventures in the Science of Fear, named as a must read by the Washington Post. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Parade, Atlantic Monthly, and NPR’s Science Friday.

Sean McClannahan - Contributor

From his first theatrical experience with E.T. The Extraterrestrial at age 5, Sean McClannahan immediately formed a bond with movies. A freelance movie critic and member of the North Carolina Film Critics Association, Sean has a sincere and distinct voice with an approach to cinema that's passionate and refuses to be compromised.

Kristian Hanson - Contributor

Kristian Hanson is an avid fan of horror films. Since seeing Child's Play at the age of 5, he has had a thirst for all things horror related. He resides in Newport Beach where he terrorizes his wife Fernanda with the newest and greatest horror films.

Becki Hawkes - Film Critic

Growing up just outside London, Becki's interest in horror started from a very early age, watching video tapes of 1970s classics such as The Abominable Dr Phibes, Theatre of Blood and Taste the Blood of Dracula.

In 2011, Becki graduated from Bournemouth University’s BA Scriptwriting course, and she's currently working as a writer on several film, television and theatre projects. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot of Becki's work seems to fall into the horror/psychological horror genres.

Scriptwriting aside, Becki is also an MA Film Studies student at King’s College London, where she enjoyed writing her first Master’s essay on one of her favorite horror films, Martyrs. Her latest research project involves European cannibal cinema, which has led to some fascinating – and very gory - viewing experiences.

Jemma George - News Contributor

Jemma recently graduated in Film Studies from Lancaster University (in the UK, not Pennsylvania). She's hoping to get involved in film production in the near future or perhaps delve into film criticism.

Jemma is particularly fond of horror films: the Scream series, Final Destinations, Wrong Turns and like everyone else, The Walking Dead TV series. She tells us that Freddy, Jason, Michael and Leatherface are friends of hers, so are Ben + Jerry, and they all get along quite nicely.