2012/03/19 19:07:31 UTC

Skybound Releases The Walking Dead Michonne Shirt

Skybound is Robert Kirkman's Image Comics imprint and they always have exclusive items related to The Walking Dead. There most recent release is a shirt design featuring comic book-favorite Michonne:

"Michonne. You know her, you love her. Show everyone your badass side with the new Michonne shirt. Available in standard unisex and girls cut v-neck. Exclusively in the Skybound Shop."

If the image looks familiar, that is because it is based off the cover of The Walking Dead #92. The shirt is selling for $24.99 and is available in both Men (S-XXL) and Women (S-XL) cuts. We've included a preview image below and you can pick one up for yourself at:


Source: Skybound
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