2012/10/22 15:54:46 UTC

Watch the Short Film “Victorian Undead”

Paravel Films recently released their short film, Victorian Undead, online and we thought our readers would be interested in checking it out.

The short was written/directed by Ross Shepherd and stars Amber Coombs. It also features a cast of zombies played by Moog Gravett, Lou Preecy, Jamie Tighe, Charles-Henri Joslain, Rachel Dey, Richard Wilkinson, Frank Poklington, Matt Ingram, Jon Taylor, Rowen Robinson, Brian Clayton, Jo Peacock, Dave Thorpe, and Chris Roe.

"When a lone Victorian woman comes across a strange man walking through the woods, she encounters a lot more than she bargained for. A peaceful afternoon stroll turns into a vicious and bloody struggle for survival, as undead hordes attack."

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