One of the problems we listed in our Scream 4 review was that we felt the opening scene could have been more effective if shot differently. It turns out that Scream Trilogy has detailed information on the alternate opening that was shot and never used:

[Spoilers] "Marnie gets up from the couch and heads to the kitchen, voicing her hate of horror movies. She opens the cupboard (possibly to get some Stab Popcorn) and shuts it, surprised to see none other than Ghostface standing behind an oblivious Jenny. Marnie assumes it’s a prank and goes back to getting food ready, so Ghostface starts stabbing Jenny in the back from behind the couch. Ouch! Jenny is screaming bloody murder, Marnie just rolling her eyes, telling them it’s not funny. Once she starts seeing all the blood on the couch while the stabbing keeps on going, she approaches, sees Jenny is really dead and screams – causing Ghostface to snap his attention to her." [End Spoilers]

They also have images from the alternate opening, so that you can get an idea of how the scene would have played out. For more information, including some additional alternate takes, visit the source link below.