If you thought that Robert Kirkman expanded the world of The Walking Dead with Alexandria and the Hilltop Colony, it looks like he was just warming up. Skybound will be releasing two issues of The Walking Dead in March and the cover art for #139 will make the 3-month wait excruciating. *Spoiler Warning*

Based on the cover art for issue #138, it looks like The Whisperers will still be a threat for at least a few more issues and #139 marks the start of a brand new story arc, titled "From the Edge of the World". While the CDC episode of the TV series hinted at the global impact of the zombie outbreak, the comic book series hasn't really touched upon it. Could we finally find out how others are faring in other parts of the world? Check out the new cover art below, thanks to our friends at TheWalkingDead.com, and we've included the cover art for #136 and #137 as well.

The Walking Dead #136 

  • Release Date: January 13
  • 'Found'

The Walking Dead #137

  • Release Date: February 11
  • 'A Fate Uncertain'

The Walking Dead #138

  • Release Date: March 11
  • 'Face to Face'

The Walking Dead #139

  • Release Date: March 25
  • FROM THE EDGE OF THE WORLD A new arc begins as our world gets even bigger.