Twilight Eyes, the 1985 Dean Koontz novel, has been picked up by Starz with the intention of turning it into a "big event miniseries/limited series". I read this one a while back and the plot seems like it would be a good fit for this kind of format:

"Slim MacKenzie sees what others cannot see. He possesses a strange, unwanted gift: the ability to look deep into the heart of darkness. Slim is a desperate figure who dare not glance behind him. He seems to find safe harbor as a worker in the Sombra Brothers Carnival. However, the creature from which Slim has been hiding from seems to have found him once more - perhaps because it has been waiting for him in the carnival from the very beginning. Slim and the carnies that befriend him will soon make a terrifying discovery: the earth is shared by something even more deadly than humankind."

Deadline reports that the time setting of Twilight Eyes will be changed to the modern day and that Dean Koontz will be involved in the development process, serving as executive producer.