Eli Roth Starring in Aftershock

2012/02/06 17:32:15 +00:00 | Jonathan James

Aftershock has been on Eli Roth's slate of potential projects since 2010. At the time we knew that he had worked on the script and would be producing. Now, it has been revealed that he'll be starring in the film as well. According to Deadline, the film is already four weeks into production and also features Selena Gomez in a cameo/supporting role.

Directed by Nicolas Lopez, the film was inspired by an earthquake that hit Chile in 2010. While it was originally being reported that the film may just be a disaster film, the latest news makes it seem like it is in the same territory as Eli Roth's other films: "I’ve heard from potential buyers that the plot revolves around an insane asylum on an island, where the inmates escape during the quake."

With success of The Last Exorcism, Eli Roth-produced films generate plenty of interest, and a number of companies are currently bidding on distribution rights for the film.We'll have more information on the bidding and plot details as they become available.

Source: Deadline