From Noodles author Jay Gould, we have an extended synopsis and exclusive look at the cover for Hellfall, "a horror adventure that brings the monstrous madness of DOOM to JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH; in which after an explosion destroys a drilling rig, an expert drill engineer joins an expedition down the hole the rig has opened up: a tunnel to a demon-infested world that clearly influenced ancient art and may be literal Hell."

Available on March 5th from Castle Bridge Media, Jay Gould's Hellfall will be published as a paperback and on Kindle, with a cover by In Churl Yo that you can check out in its entirety below!

Synopsis: "Lee Mitchell is a chief drilling engineer on an expensive drill project in Africa that he thinks is a waste of time and money. His opinion puts him at odds with his superiors, including the woman he sleeps with, but he agrees to go along to keep the peace – and his job.

After only a few miles down, there is a blowout on the drilling rig, causing massive damage. Lee follows an investigation team to the site and finds that the rig may be salvageable, but the drilling team have all disappeared.

While trying to discover the cause of the blowout and find the missing men, they discover that the drillers had punched through to what seems to be a large underground cavern. Their impressions change from curiosity to shock when further probes show them a bizarre landscape that looks like some version of Hell. Scientific and religious viewpoints clash as the team members debate what this realm really is. Is it Hell itself? Another dimension? A subducted section of primordial Earth? Concrete answers elude them.

Until they see the demons. Large, black-skinned humanoid creatures cover the landscape below, looking like the classical image of demons, complete with horns, tails and fangs.

As the team debate their find, horrifying and inexplicable events above ground occur; the missing men begin to turn up. Only they aren't men anymore. They walk the African countryside like aimless animals, their bodies empty shells, cooked inside, their minds hollowed out. Yet they walk.

The team will have to investigate further, and cameras and sensors can only show them so much. Battling feelings of mutual mistrust and betrayal, Lee and the others decide to descend and discover the truth. What they find is a terrifying place where time is meaningless and the line between life and death blurs. It challenges their loyalties to each other, as well as their ideas about the nature of reality...and evil. One by one they are killed in horrific ways and each version of the creatures they call demons is even more terrifying than the others.

But those aren't even the worst things down here.

There are people here, trapped in this place, serving as fodder for the demons as playthings, prey, and food. The team also learn that death is not the worst thing that can happen to you.

Especially if it means coming back..."

Hellfall by Jay Gould

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