Frankenstein’s Army

2011/02/07 18:51:54 +00:00 | Jonathan James

What if Hitler used the notes of Dr. Frankenstein to replenish his ranks? Wouldn't you pay to see that movie on the crazy plot alone? That's what director Richard Raaphorst is hoping for when he shows off his promotional trailer for Frankenstein's Army at EFM Berlin. Continue reading to check out the plot description and the trailer itself...

"Using shocking vintage newsreel footage as his basis Raaphorst has cut together a promo for his new project. A project based on the brilliantly simple premise that as World War II was running down a desperate and increasingly occult-obsessed Adolf Hitler stumbled across the collected writings of one Victor Frankenstein. And with his troops dwindling Hitler put those pages to work."

There's no telling if this will actually become a full feature film, but I think it is an interesting concept at the very least. The official website has been set up, which you can check out here. There isn't much up yet, but hopefully, we'll hear more about this film in the coming months.

Source: Twitch