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2012/02/12 20:54:44 +00:00 | Jonathan James

We're back with the latest installment of our Indie Spotlight. Each feature includes the latest independent horror news sent our way. If you want to be included in our next spotlight, send us an email.

Reboot: The first trailer the cyberpunk short film Reboot has just been released:

"Set within a dystopian world that is a collision between technology and humanity, 'Reboot' touches upon many of the current social and political concerns that arise from becoming more and more intertwined with the virtual. In contemporary Los Angeles, a young female hacker (Stat) awakens from unconsciousness to find an iPhone glued to her hand and a mysterious countdown ticking away on the display. Suffering from head trauma, and with little recollection of who she is or what is happening, Stat races against time to figure out what the code means, and what unknown event the pending zero-hour will bring."

To watch the teaser trailer, visit: or the official website at:

The Earth Rejects Him: Director Jared Skolnick (The Music of Erich Zann) is near completion on his newest film:

"The Earth Rejects Him, an original horror story written by Skolnick, is a haunting and surreal tale of a young boy who accidentally discovers a corpse while biking in the woods. In a moment of impulsiveness he steals a tooth from the body, and buries it in the ground. His return to the burial site reveals a development he never would have expected."

The film stars Ellis Gage, Colin Allen, Jacob Moon and RJ Ramos. You can watch the first trailer at:

Theater of the Deranged: DVD Cover art has been released for the upcoming anthology:

"Join Andy the Arsonist as he shares five of his favorite short horror films in all their demented glory. The collection features never-before seen films by popular indie horror writer/directors James Cullen Bressack, Shawn C. Phillips, Liz Gilbert, Brian Dorton, and Creep Creepersin.

From Executive Producers James Cullen Bressack and Jarret Cohen at Psykik Junky Pictures, comes the NEWEST HORROR ANTHOLOGY starring horror film icons Shawn C. Phillips, JD Fairman and Cory Jacob and adult-film sensations Sophie Dee and Veronica Ricci: THEATRE OF THE DERANGED!"

The Film was Picked up for distribution by World Wide Multi Media and is scheduled to be released on DVD in June 2012. We've included the DVD cover art below.

Previous Trailer release:


We're also going to try something a bit different here with the Indie Spotlight. Kristian Hanson has recently conducted a Q&A with Worm director Richard Powell, which we've included along with Kristian's impressions of the short film:

Worm Impressions and Q&A with Director Richard Powell: Worm is a short film written and directed by Richard Powell and stars Robert Nolan as Geoffrey Dodd. Geoffrey is a high school teacher who seems normal enough, but the intriguing part about this short film is, you get to hear his inner thoughts. From the very beginning you see that he is not that happy individual he portrays on the exterior, but instead, he is a bitter old man who wants nothing more than to hurt those around him, especially his students.

This short film hit the mark with me because it brought me back to when I was in high school. My English teacher (Mr. Dodd is also an English teacher) always seemed happy, but one day she ended up snapping on me after class because I was the class clown and had been kicked out of class once again. I figured I could get away with everything because I had the highest grade in her class but that certainly was not the case. It was like diving into her psyche and seeing what she thought of her class and of me in general. This is a serious short film with a lot of anger and heart inserted into it, with great acting by Geoffrey Dodd as we see the constant decline of the character, including his love for one of his students.

Kristian Hanson: Where are you from?

Richard Powell: Brampton, a suburb just outside of Toronto.

What made you want to make movies?

Richard Powell: Growing up watching them. I had a few die hard film lovers in the family and it rubbed off on me thankfully. At a certain point my love for them turned into a desire to make them, to contribute awell as consume.

What is your all time favorite movie?

Richard Powell: For a long time it’s been the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Seven Samurai is right up there as well. One film is in my opinion the perfect definition of horror and the other is the perfect epic.

If you could be any horror icon which one would you be and why?

Richard Powell: I’ll go with Leatherface as that would make me the star of my favourite film! He also represents what I find the most appealing and disturbing elements of the horror genre. He is the most shocking and terrifying of all the icons yet his is the story fully rooted in reality. All of the other significant horror icons have varying degrees of supernatural influence. Leather face simply represents the black hole of humanity, that abysmal end point it can get to when all of the wrong factors and circumstances align.

What made you want to make Worm and Familiar?

Richard Powell: I was interested in telling dark character studies that dealt with themes and issues I think about often. The characters in both films are reflections of my own anxieties concerning the future, be it family, career and so forth, taken to an extreme of course. The films also dabble in genre while sticking to a central character driven narrative, a style Im found of and plan on developing further.

What were your inspirations for making those films?

Richard Powell: Id say filmmakers such as Todd solondz, Micheal Haneke and Roman Polansky are my biggest influences. They all make films that deal with characters in a truthful way, in a way that depicts them as human, flawed and often despicable. I don’t know many action heros but Ive seen my fair share of the type of people found in a Todd Solondz film. I appreciate the truthful, scathing insight you can get from these filmmakers films and I aim to bring the same critical insight into my own work.

What is next for Fatal Pictures?

Richard Powell: I'm currently working on polishes of the WORM feature screenplay which will be Fatal Pictures debut feature film. There are many stories Im dying to tell but that will be the first. We are also busy with getting FAMILIAR seen by as many people as possible! We are proud of our work and want it to be seen by the world.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you that you would like to share with us?.

Richard Powell: One day during a highschool English class a pen exploded in my mouth. It was a mess. I had to run out of class without a word and spat a mouthful of ink into the bathroom sink. My mouth, face and shirt was stained for the rest of the day. That wasn’t fun.

What is your sport of choice and who is your favorite team?.

Richard Powell: I like MMA and boxing. I grew up watching Toronto sports franchises and with the exception of two amazing years in baseball we have had a long, agonizing dry spell. I feel MMA and boxing are pure sports as they pit man against man without any intermediate, no puck, ball, skates, pads; just one persons determination against anothers. Team sports allow for a lot of mediocrity, slacking. In MMA or boxing the bum get knocked out or submitted fast and early.

Anything you would like to say to upcoming producers, writers, filmmakers to help get them to where you are at now?

Richard Powell: Find your voice and use it, it’s the only thing that makes you special and unique. Any technical aspect of the craft can be learned, taught and bought but your individuality as a story teller is priceless and what makes you important to the process.


You can learn more about Fatal Pictures and Worm at:

Next week, we'll have Kristian's impressions of Fatal Pictures' Familiar, including a Q&A with Worm and Familiar producer Zach Green. Below, you'll find the DVD artwork for Theater of the Deranged.

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