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2013/12/08 21:07:15 UTC | Tamika Jones

Hannah-Cowley-boxWe're back with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting recent independent horror news sent our way. Today's feature includes multiple teaser trailers, a call of submissions for the Hollywood Horrorfest, a Fear Clinic casting update, a Q&A with Hannah Cowley from Haunting of the Innocent, and much more:

Hollywood Horrorfest Details: "From the man who brought you both THE Los Angeles Animation Festival and the Boobs & Blood Film Festival, comes the first annual Hollywood Horrorfest (March 28-29, 2014).

HHF not only showcases new films in competition, but also helps guide filmmakers through the new digital age of filmmaking - from new approaches to financing and production to how to get sales and distribution.

Screenings, awards, red carpet photo opps, industry panels and networking - HHF has it all, and under one roof, the legendary and now Quentin Tarantino owned, New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles.

"Our focus is on the filmmaker. Submit a film, screen it, walk the red carpet, win awards, have photo ops with celebrities, network, learn about the industry, and hopefully get your movie distributed too. That's the HHF potential."

Every screening is followed by a unique on-stage industry panel covering a different aspect of the industry. Guests include writers, managers, actors, stuntmen, directors, producers, sales agents and distributors.

We have some amazing guests lined up and will be officially announcing these in the coming months. If you only do one festival in 2014, Hollywood Horrorfest has got you covered."

To submit a feature, short or script, go to:


Fear Clinic Cast and Production Update: "Dry County Entertainment, founded by director Robert Green Hall (MTV’S Teen Wolf, Laid to Rest, Lightning Bug) and Fear Chamber LLC, are proud to announce the final round of casting details for their upcoming production of the feature film Fear Clinic.

Fear Clinic began as a 2009 horror series for FearNet that consisted of five episodes starring up-and-coming talent like Lucas Till (X-Men: First Class) and Kate Nauta (Transporter 2) as well as horror icons Danielle Harris (Halloween 4), Lisa Wilcox (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4) and Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees). The series and upcoming film stars Robert Englund as Dr. Andover, a fear doctor who treats patients afflicted with crippling phobias by inducing hallucinations inside his exposure therapy invention; The Fear Chamber. It has since been added to On Demand and mainstream channels Youtube and Hulu.

The project has been in active development for a feature film, written by Robert Hall and Aaron Drane. The story has seen a shift from the series, however; instead of the episodic nature of the original show, the film will focus on a variety of phobias that all stem from one traumatic event.

Grammy award-winning music icon Corey Taylor, vocalist and frontman for rock bands Slipknot and Stone Sour, has joined the cast. Fear Clinic will see Taylor in the role of Bauer, one of the employees of the clinic who struggles to keep things under control when all Hell breaks loose.

Felisha Terrell (Days of Our LivesI) who wowed viewers with her recurring role as Kali on MTV’s Teen Wolf, will reunite with director Robert Hall as she joins Fear Clinic to take on the role of Osborn, a therapist at the clinic and second-in-command to Dr. Andover.

Also attached to the project is Brandon Beemer (Days of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful) as Dylan, a famous moto-cross rider who will stop at nothing to protect his girlfriend from the darkness plaguing their lives.

These talents join previously-announced Fear Clinic cast Robert Englund, Fiona Dourif, Thomas Dekker, Kevin Gage, Cleopatra Coleman and Angelina Armani.

Fear Clinic is currently filming for a Halloween 2014 release."

To learn more about this project, visit: or on Twitter.


The Dead Hour Season 3 Teaser Trailer and Details: ""The Dead Hour" is an online indie horror anthology series that has just started production on it's third season which will launch in early 2014.

The show centers around a mysterious and sexy radio DJ who brings her audience dark and twisted stories each week. All webisodes from seasons 1 & 2 of the critically acclaimed series can be seen for free."

For more information on this webseries, go to the show's Facebook page at: or on


Werewolf Rises Casting Details: "Bill Oberst Jr. has joined the cast of Ruthless Pictures’ Werewolf Rises.

The film, written and directed by BC Furtney, tells the story of Emma, a small town girl who returns to her childhood home deep in the Arkansas mountains only to encounter a sinister underworld that most never knew existed, one populated by bloodthirsty werewolves.

Of his role in the film, Oberst says, "since the days of Forrest J. Ackerman's Famous Monsters, I've longed to play classic monster roles like Chaney's Wolf Man and Karloff's Monster. With Werewolf Rises, Jesse Baget and BC Furtney are giving me a chance to check one of those off my list. This is my second project with Jesse Baget's Ruthless Pictures, after The Black Water Vampire, and I can tell you that this guy is growing to be a formidable force in the horror genre. I'm a fan of this script and am grateful for this role."

Melissa Carnell (Boggy Creek, Humans Versus Zombies) also joins the cast. Furtney says, “As we began bouncing around casting ideas, I just wasn't seeing it - until Melissa Carnell's name came up and a lightbulb went off. The character of Emma is a unique balancing act and Melissa's the virtual embodiment of her. I can't wait to get on set and watch her bring it to life.""

Werewolf Rises was directed and written by BC Furtney. It was produced by Jesse Baget.

To learn more about this film, visit:


The Dreamlands Teaser Trailer: "Sphärentor releases first teaser for their new movie The Dreamlands.

The Dreamlands will be the first feature film adaption of H.P. Lovecrafts “Dream Cycle”. The founders of Sphärentor, Huan Vu and Jan Roth, known for their adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft’s The Colour Out of Space, shot the teasers during early spring and mid summer 2013.

At the moment they are working with a small team on finishing the visual effects. The teaser is the first of three that have been prepared for Sphärentor's upcoming Crowdfunding Campaign that starts on March 1st, 2014."

For more information on The Dreamlands, visit:


Slay Utterly Casting and Production Details: "Filmmaker Stuart Wahlin announced horror icon Bill Oberst Jr. is attached to Slay Utterly, both as an actor and a producer. The film, to be shot in 2014, is a modern adaptation inspired by the Villisca (Iowa) ax murders of 1912, which were also the subject of Wahlin’s 2013 documentary, The Ax Man Enigma, which built a compelling case pointing to a lone “Ax Man” being responsible for dozens of eerily-similar murders throughout the nation’s heartland during a two-year period.

Slay Utterly will be the writer-director’s second feature film. Wahlin’s first narrative feature, Hand of Glory (2012), earned the filmmaker “Best Director’ at the Prairie State Film Festival in Chicago last year, and “Best Actress” for Heather Dorff (Truth or Dare, What They Say).

“Bill is much more than just a horror actor,” Wahlin said of his film’s star. “He’s a tremendously-talented artist who’s going to win an Oscar someday. Though I think his fans will get what they expect from him, this a film that gives Bill a little more depth to flex his acting prowess in a very conflicted, sympathetic role.”

To learn more about this film, go to:


Details on Come Little Children: "After graduating from the mortuary program at Mount Royal University, Camilla Carleton moves to a secluded town in the northern Yukon for her first job at a family-run funeral home. Her new employers, however, are the town’s most controversial citizens, and when strange occurrences begin happening around the morgue—including late night visits from children who were thought to be dead—she won’t stop until she uncovers the truth behind these paranormal events.

But unraveling the funeral home’s secret is just the start. When Camilla is faced with life and death decisions of her own, she must fight to undo a horrific chain of events while struggling to outsmart a serial killer, save her family, and escape the morgue alive.

E-Book [and] Paperback available through the end of December."

For more information on this novel and its author, go to: To purchase this book, head over to Amazon


The Sleeping Room Production Details: "Production Company Movie Mogul (Panic Button, Shortcuts To Hell) announced today that shooting on supernatural thriller The Sleeping Room begins on Wednesday, Dec. 4th, for a three-week shoot on location in Brighton.

Starring Leila Mimmock (Becoming Human), Joseph Beattie (Hex) and Julie Graham (Tower Block), this intense tale of Victorian revenge is written by Ross Jameson, Alex Chandon and John Shackleton and directed by Shackleton with Jake West directing the ’Mutoscope’ action sequences. Director of Photography is Simon Poulter, (Panic Button).

Set in present day Brighton, The Sleeping Room is the story of Blue (Leila Mimmock), a call girl who falls for a new client, Bill (Joseph Beattie) But the real attraction for Blue is Bill’s apartment and a mysterious room that seems to hold the key to the dark secrets of her family’s past – a room that is about to unleash terrible physical and supernatural forces. Nobody will escape unless a score for a heinous crime is settled.

The cast also includes David Sibley, Chris Waller, Christopher Adamson and Mike Altmann. A Movie Mogul production, it is produced by Gareth I Davies and John Shackleton. Production Designer is Lorna Gay Copp, Costume Designer is David Blight, Production Manager is Tansi Inayat. Editor is John Gillanders and Bang Post Production are handling picture and sound."

For more information on The Sleeping Room, visit:


Castle-Z Event Details: "Have you ever watched a Zombie film and wondered what if? Now you can see if your skills are really as good as you imagined. Will you stand and fight, uncovering the mysteries of Castle-Z, or just scream frozen to the spot like a rabbit in the headlights?

Experience a night of terror trying to survive in one of the oldest buildings in Newcastle; you’ll be given all the basic equipment and training you need to fight off the Zombie horde who have taken over this ancient monument. Castle-Z holds many mysteries can your team work out it’s deadly secret and get out alive?

This event is scheduled for the 15th March 2014 and starts at 6pm, don’t be late. It costs £50 per person and we only have 12 places, so book fast to ensure you don’t miss out."

For more information on this event, or to book a place, visit:


Horror Packs Charity Details: "Name your price for horror and support charity with Horror Packs.

Horror Pack 1 has launched with 2 shorts, 2 films, and 3 albums plus two mystery titles to be announced later. Right now you can name your price for this pack that includes Slasher Studios' shorts Teddy and Popularity Killer, plus infamous video nasty Driller Killer, and Christmas horror film Silent Night, Bloody Night. Also included are debut albums from horror-themed sludge band Edgar Allan Ectoplasm and horror rock group Creepy Band, plus the second full-length release from extreme chiptune artist Rainbowdragoneyes.

For a minimum price of only $3, you can download just under half the pack, and then for a minimum price of $6 you can get the whole thing and gain access to the mystery titles as soon as they are unlocked! A majority of your purchase goes directly to the filmmakers and artists, and a hearty chunk goes to support the Electronic Frontier Foundation."

For more information on the charity, or how to purchase a horror pack, visit:


360 Sound and Vision's Lineup for 2014 Announced: "360 Sound and Vision is an independent film company that produces the best in independent and underground cinema.

You will find the best in indie action, adventure and sci-fi here like "Cybornetics Urban Cyborg", its newest science fiction feature release,about a group of scientists, who create a cyborg for a secret military project, but are unprepared when the cyborg escapes from the laboratory.

360 Sound and Vision takes pride in being truly independent. It allows the company to make films outside of the box and about "controversial" subjects, like its dramatic award winning feature called "The Minority", which is about a man who experiences racism after losing his job.

360 Sound and Vision will be producing several new films slated for release in 2014 -2015: "The Glasses 2", "AKL", "The Cycle", "Cybornetics 2:Rise of The Cyborgs", "Face In The Wall", "Mind Bend", "The 4th Dimension", "The Limits of Space and Time", and "Tools of the Wheel"."

To learn more on any of these projects, go to:


The Devil's Bargain Trailer and Details: "It’s 1974 and Earth is about to be obliterated by a massive asteroid. Adi (Jonnie Hurn) and his young wife Ange (Chloe Farnworth), haunted by memories of the death of their son, journey to the idyllic rural setting where he was conceived, determined to shed clothes, inhibitions and psychological traumas before the planet is destroyed forever. But the arrival of Luca (Dan Burman), a charismatic and mysterious young photographer, turns what’s left of their world upside-down and the horror to come is of biblical proportions.

Cullingham told us: “It was made on a shoestring budget in twenty-four hours over four days, using an experimental ‘pinhole’ technique to give it a unique look. Containing copious amounts of full frontal nudity, the mantra for this film has been: No money. No clothes. No fear”.

A Disparado and Monk3ys Ink Films production, written and directed by Drew Cullingham, produced by Drew Cullingham & Ian Manson, co-produced by James Fisher & Andrew Mackay. Starring Jonnie Hurn, Chloe Farnworth & Dan Burman.

Unseen. Uncertified. Unmissable. Drew Cullingham (Umbrage: The First Vampire, Black Smoke Rising) has written and directed a savage, psychological portrait of love, lust and the end of the world, which will be available to watch from Mon Jan 17, 2014, via

WARNING: This film contains full frontal nudity."

To learn more about this film, and to watch the trailer, go to:


Ms. Vampy's Love Bites Episode 4 Details: "Ms. Vampy's Love Bites - Episode 4: Dating A Friend's Ex.

Now, who better to give the world love & dating advice than a 110 year old Vampire who has seen it all and has a HEART of gold?

Check out her new show Ms. Vampy's Love Bites and tweet @MSVAMPY."


Indie Spotlight Q&A with Hannah Cowley from Haunting of the Innocent

By Jonathan James


Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Hannah. You seem to be involved in quite a few horror projects lately. Why are you drawn to these types of projects in particular?

Hannah: Thanks for having me! I have shot a few horrrors this year and honestly have no idea why they’ve come my way with such a fury; you never really know what’s running through the casting director’s mind... however, with ‘Haunting of the Innocent' I felt that of all roles I’ve ever gone for it was probably a logical fit. My friends were looking at me thinking “er, pale Viking witch? Another case of typecasting!” Half of my family are Scottish and descended from a clan in the very remote, northern Isle of Skye, and cooincidentally, I have a few Old Norse songs stuck in my head from school so right off the bat it was a role I was fascinated by and felt naturally inclined toward.

I’m extremely grateful that director Matt Hish fought really hard for me to play ‘Beyla’! Acting in horror really embraces the gamut of extreme emotions, which is always challenging and exciting - but it’s pretty grim if you have to be a victim, which are the roles most women in horror get lumped with. It’s funny, a lot of actors covet those roles but I’d take a perpetrator anyday, and that was definitely part of the reason I was drawn to ‘Beyla.’

Can you tell us about your interest in horror movies growing up? I understand one of your favorite movies is The Wicker Man. (Mine as well!)

Hannah: Ha, it’s the best isn’t it?! What really excited me about ‘Haunting of the Innocent’ was during one of the first meetings with Hish he gave me these references as a guide: ‘The Wicker Man’ (original), ‘Let The Right One In’ and ‘The Shining’. I nearly screamed when he mentioned ‘The Wicker Man’- literally one of my favorite films ever. The best horrors for me are naturalistic; one of the first films I ever loved was ‘The Omen’ and I didn’t realize it was a “horror” film; it’s so utterly cinematic and I suppose my view of what “horror” signified was mainly slasher stuff, which I occassionally watch now - because they’re funny (except growing up I was terrified of Freddy Krueger: the apotheosis of childhood fear!).

I definitely prefer psychological horror films, Polanski/some Michael Powell/Hitchcock - and just to be completely contradictory - 70s Italian Giallos. My father is a great Giallo afficianado, we find the most bombastic titles for each other to watch, personal favourite: “Your Vice Is A Locked Room And Only I Have The Key” with the stunning Edwige Fenech. Probably the most masterful, horror- filled film I’ve seen (to add to an obsessively long list of war films) is ‘Come and See’ (1985) by Elem Klimov - it’s easily more terrifying, anxiety-inducing and sickening than probably any ‘fictional’ horror I could imagine. Real life horror. It’s quite hard to find but I think I got mine at Amoeba in Hollywood - highly recommended for anyone who hasn’t seen it!

We recently covered Haunting of the Innocent in our Indie Spotlight. What can you tell us about your role in the film?

Hannah: I play ‘Beyla,’ a 1000 year old Viking witch who has deep familial roots in Thornby, where she has been more or less anchored for the millenium. She may or may not try and seduce every cast member over the age of fifteen while executing diabolical plans to honor the Viking gods. She is essentially the catalyst for all of the disturbing events which unfold for Brenda and her family and gets very intertwined with them, to devastating effect. This is where ‘The Wicker Man’ influence comes in again... I wanted to get a fair bit of ‘Lord Summerisle’ (Christopher Lee) into ‘Beyla.’ Although she sacrifices an ‘innocent’ every generation and perpetrates some pretty dark affairs on Brenda’s family, I didn’t perceive her to be “evil.” She is a protector of her kind and one of the last agents of a powerful, loving and ancient belief system. She doesn’t see sacrifice as murder, just a necessary gifting to the earth, part of the natural cycle. I think ‘The Wicker Man’ portrayed this realism so perfectly - I always loved the way the villagers in Summerisle were so frank and gleeful about Rowan Morrison turning into a hare, and the orgiastic, genuine exhilaration of the women as they prepared for the Harvest. And who can forget Britt Ekland’s wall-banging dance of beauty? Unfortunately, we didn’t do that in ‘Haunting’ but some weird stuff does happen in the forest, with unclothed people.

Hish did extensive research for the Viking storyline and the ritual sacrifices which was really cool, we’d send each other streams of obscure, bloody Viking tales. It’s interesting, the idea of human sacrifice is obviously abhorrent to us now, but in some parts of Northern Europe there were Blots (sacrifices) up until the beginning of last century. Researching that blew my mind - as cars proliferated in cities and WW1 cranked into gear, people were still doing these ritual sacrifices...pretty fascinating and bizarre. It’s not hard to imagine that somewhere it’s practised to this day. Based on that I didn’t feel we were telling a hokey story for the sake of being horrifying. Fact is invariably stranger than fiction, for me at least! Makes you think of Shakespeare: “There is nothing good nor bad but thinking makes it so” - though I’m not sure if the audience for ‘Haunting’ will be so ambivalent! There’s probably a lot of hatred coming ‘Beyla’s way!

What kind of preparation did you do for the role of Beyla in Haunting of the Innocent?

Hannah: There was a substantial amount of physical, language and research preparation that we all did. A lot of fight choreography with spears... I thought I was extremely fit but charging around with a spear for 6 hours was pretty demoralizing! Amazing to learn. It was written that ‘Beyla’ passionately recites Nordic incantations so I learnt a five-page monologue in Old Norse which was intimidating - I learnt it phonetically with the help of tapes from native Norwegian/Swedish speakers from USC. It was difficult so I had to sort of approach it like music, find melodies within it in order to remember it, give it muscle memory. I was initially agonizing over the dialect but Hish determined that as it’s a dead language, ‘Beyla’ should speak with an accent that is partly based in Scandinavian intonations and partly based in fantasy.

After I’d listened to the tapes to death, I was being fairly blase thinking that we’d shoot the monologue in pieces or perhaps entirely through ADR so I was in for a bit of a shock when we got to Paso Robles and found out I had to do the lot in its entirety. I was sharing a room with (co-star) Jessica Morris and she probably wanted to talk to her boyfriend on the phone and I was like “sorry, I’m just going to be repeating an ultra violent war ballad in a dead language for the next four hours - do you mind?!” Thankfully she was pretty awesome about it, and luckily the real groundwork breaking down the rhythms had been done.

When it came to the actual filming, was it a make-up intensive part? What can you tell us about your experience on-set?

Hannah: The majority of the time ‘Beyla’ is a young woman in her twenties and although her fashion sense may be a little peculiar, her face is largely make-up free and natural. So all of that shooting was really, blessedly easy - if anything I would harrass the make-up department for more! By the time she transitions though we went through full prosthetics, teeth, contacts, fingernails, vaseline and dirt rubbed from head to toe...moderately painful! Especially trying to get it off after 15 hours of shooting! The biggest time-intensive factor was ‘Beyla’ could go from natural to Viking filth to Demon and back several times in the course of a day.

On-set everyone is racing around conserving time and trying to pull out the best of every minute; we shot the entire film in 17 days up in Paso - that was pretty challenging because you end up losing elements you love that you literally don’t have time to shoot. The long Old Norse monologue scene may have been one of the ones where things got cut - I haven’t seen the finished version so I don’t know how much made the film but it was a crazy scene, lots of extras and lots of gore. The amazing costume designer Camille Jumelle had dressed me in a delicate, ornate, century-old ex-Warner Brothers cape and I was desperately trying not to mess it up with blood - when cast and crew members go above and beyond the last thing you want to do is screw it up!

It always makes such a difference shooting with an inspiring crew and we had a lot of fun; so many notable moments, including the time (actor) Flood Reed braved a broken rib and a blackout to keep on shooting the fight sequence in 100 degree heat, clad in wool and leather: hero! When someone sets the bar that high there’s nothing you can do except go to craft services, eat a lot of Nutella, and hide. I think we were all inspired by Paso as well, it lent an eerily sympatico vibe to the shoot - it was originally settled by Scandinavians so there are Scandinavian names everywhere, and an eery amount of Ydraggsil motifs scattered through town. Astonishing.

We haven't heard too much about The Atticus Institute, but the premise sounds interesting and I understand you appear in the movie as well. What can you tell us about the movie and your role?

Hannah: I knew virtually nothing about it until I was standing on set but it stars the insanely talented Rya Kihlstedt and William Mapother. I could be wrong but I believe it’s Peter Safran’s first film after ‘The Conjuring’ - so you can imagine the tone it’s going to take, speaking of naturalism! I’m very excited to see it, it’s an utterly unique and ambitious film. It was directed by writer/director Chris Sparling who is just the calmest, smartest and most trusting director. Knowing he had written the script I think we were all tip-toeing around trying to be word perfect and he was like “forget that, just say what you want to say!” Of course that terrified me and I was probably speechless from that point on.

It’s unlike any film I’ve ever been part of, and all the effects were practical so when you see massive reactions from us in the film -they were real, 100%. You really feel the magic of filmmaking when there are practical effects; we shot in the ultra creepy Linda Vista Hospital which is notorious for being genuinely haunted. I spent the whole time there being genuinely freaked out by what we were doing, I think the majority of us did - suffice to say I’ve never experienced that before. Not sure how much I can say about the role I play but it’s Susan Gorman, a young scientist at The Atticus Institute, a Pennslylvania based psychology lab exploring telekinesis.

2013 has been extremely busy for you. What are you plans for 2014? Do you have any additional horror roles coming up?

Hannah: I’m about to start shooting a mysterious, dark film where I get to play a mermaid. That’s a bit of a dream! Then I’m shooting a film called ‘Isolation’ in February directed by Doug Rath who is definitely a young director to watch. I did a horror/thriller/dark comedy with him earlier this year - in a tiny part - called ‘Shock Value.’ Not sure when that one is coming out but I’m really excited about working with Doug again, he has a singularly unique voice as a filmmaker and I’m excited about this particular script, it’s a very dark thriller with a bit of the old ultra violence and surrealism thrown in so it’s going to be an interesting ride. After that it’s back to the old murder gloves for a crime/horror called ‘Alex In The Afternoons’ - it has a number of giallo elements, and most of it will shoot in and amongst various canal-cities in Europe like Venice and Amsterdam - and hopefully Ljubljana - so I’m very excited about that one.

For our readers interested in following you online, can they find you on Twitter and/or Facebook?

Hannah: Eek, I’m naturally adverse to social media but I was recently compelled (i.e peer-pressured) to start a Twitter. I probably have negative 15 followers right now. As you can tell from this interview, brevity isn’t a strongpoint. I have little idea what to do with 160 letters/characters or’s a brave new world of character assassination. Sorry, as you can tell, if I’m forced to voice my thoughts aloud...things are going to get weird.

[Editor's Note: Here are more details on Haunting of the Innocent]

“Director Matt Hish (The Blackout) and distributors Uncork’d Entertainment are pleased to release the official DVD artwork and release date for The Haunting of the Innocent. This film was originally titled A Haunting in Massachusetts, but it has been renamed to stay truer to the film’s chilling mood. The Haunting of the Innocent will be released in late January of 2014. Also, this film is a Khoury A. Marriot and Raging Bull Entertainment production, which was produced by Autumn Federici and Justin Jones. The film stars Judd Nelson (The Breakfast Club), Jessica Morris (Reel Evil), and Rib Hillis.

In the film, a family moves into a new home, in a small New England town. Their spacious home hosts an insidious evil, which attacks Tom’s (Hillis) wife, Brenda (Morris). Their strange and violent encounter with the supernatural leads them down a path full of ancient legends. Tom knows of these legends and he will have to confront his own demons, to release his family from the clutches of a powerful and malevolent entity.

Fans of thrilling ghost stories will not have to wait long to see The Haunting of the Innocent for themselves. This title will be available on DVD and Blu-ray in just a few weeks. For now, the ghostly artwork for the film is here. The graphic shows actress Hannah Cowley as a dark angel tormenting a young girl. More nightmares will be released in late January of 2014.”

To learn more, go to the film’s IMDB page, at:



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