We recently covered a shirt design from Cavity Colors based on The Fly and they are back this week with another tribute to the work of David Cronenberg. Due out on Wednesday, here's a look at their new Videodrome design:

"I've been wanting to do something related to Videodrome for so many years now, and approaching the concept was sort of hard, because I didn't want to use any direct images or styles that I've seen used over the years in other Videodrome related artwork. I ran with the idea of putting more emphasis on how it takes over your mind, then it destroys your body. (the classic tagline) Because not only does this relate to the concept of the movie, but also how a vast majority of people are heavily brainwashed and controlled by what the media is telling them, instead of thinking independently and making decisions on how to live their lives. Or even doing research to see if what they have been told is a complete lie. It's weird how certain movies are sort of coming true in a small way, and the concepts from the past are becoming our new realities. Television, and especially mainstream news programming, in a lot of ways, is sort of a modern day Videodrome arena. It rots your brain. Then destroys your body!"

The new shirt will be available as a pre-order starting on Wednesday, April 9th at 4:00pm Eastern. To learn more or pick this up tomorrow, visit: