This month, NECA will release 2 new Freddy Krueger figures as part of their series of A Nightmare on Elm Street collectibles. Continue reading to see new pictures of "Dream Master Freddy" and "Dream Warrior Freddy".

"Freddy's back, and he's more terrifying than ever! Celebrating the original Nightmare on Elm Street films, these horrifyingly detailed figures feature movie-accurate images of actor Robert Englund. They stand almost 7-inches tall and are poseable.

These definitive versions of Freddy Krueger come from Parts 3 and 4. Dream Master Freddy features bodies and arms emerging from the Chest of Souls, with eight different articulated arms. Dream Warriors Freddy includes a replica of the Elm Street house, the chest of souls, 2 different heads, and a removable hat."

Depending on the retailer, each figure should be selling for around $15 - $20  and will be available later this month. NECA recently released released their first wave of figures which include "Original Freddy" and "Freddy's Revenge Freddy". Visit our previous coverage for images of both Wave 1 figures: