They came to the sanitarium seeking help, but the women in 1971's Slaughter Hotel have unknowingly checked into a building they may never leave alive. In director Fernando Di Leo's Italian slasher film, a lunatic with an axe stalks the women of the sanitarium, pushing their sanities — and their bodies — to the breaking point. Raro Video USA is now bringing this bloody Italian shocker to Blu-ray and DVD in the US.

Also known as La bestia uccide a sangue freddoSlaughter Hotel stars the legendary Klaus Kinski, Margaret Lee, and Rosalba Neri. reports that the fresh high definition transfer of the film's original 35mm negative will be hitting Blu-ray in the US this September. It will also be released on DVD at the same time.

"From the maestro of mayhem, Fernando Di Leo (Rulers of the City, Manhunt) comes one of the sleaziest and nastiest slasher films ever made. Starring Klaus Kinski (Herzog's Nosferatu), and two of Europe's most sizzling cinematic sex queens - Margaret Lee (Ricardo Freda's Double Face, Jess Franco's Venus in Furs, Psycho Circus), Rosalba Neri (Lady Frankenstein, Devil's Wedding Night, The Arena with Pam Grier). An axe-wielding maniac stalks the beautiful, scantily-clad women of an upscale sanitarium, all under the watchful eye of the mysterious Dr. Keller (Kinski). Equal and excessive doses of slash and skin make for a very European-style of grindhouse entertainment."

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