The CW has released a new teaser trailer for Supernatural Season 7 and we've embedded it for you to watch. Titled "Fear", the trailer includes episode footage from the upcoming season.

“Now, in season seven, the Winchesters will find themselves in an increasingly sinister, changing landscape, up against a new foe unlike anything they’ve ever fought. They’ll find their old tricks, weapons and hiding places all rendered useless. All they’ll have is each other. And the certainty that, like the last of the cowboy outlaws, whatever they face, they’re not going down without a fight.”

The first episode of the new season premieres on Friday, September 23rd at 9pm. If you need to catch up on the 6th season, it will be available on Blu-ray and DVD September 13th. For more information on the season 6 release, visit:

 **Spoiler Warning: If you haven't finished watching season 6, don't watch this video**