This Friday, Underworld: Blood Wars arrives in theaters courtesy of Screen Gems and Lakeshore Entertainment. This latest chapter in the ongoing Underworld saga has Death Dealer Selene (Kate Beckinsale) up against a new Lycan foe named Marius (Tobias Menzies), who will stop at nothing to find out the whereabouts of her hybrid daughter, whose special abilities hold the key to the werewolves’ survival against their vampiric adversaries.

At the recent press day for Underworld: Blood Wars, Daily Dead had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Beckinsale, director Anna Foerster, and Theo James, who makes his return after appearing in the previous sequel, Underworld: Awakening. During the interviews, Beckinsale discussed the evolution of her character throughout the entire franchise and Selene’s quietly desperate search for an emotional connection in her otherwise lonely world.

Foerster, who is no stranger to directing action-oriented adventure projects (she recently helmed a few episodes of Outlander), discussed taking on the latest installment of Underworld and why she felt it was important to incorporate old-school fighting techniques into the ultra-modern project to create something wholly unique in the Underworld series.

James offered up his thoughts on returning to the Underworld universe as David, a vampire whose own personal legacy is revealed in Blood Wars, and he also talked about the relationship between Selene and David.

Check out our exclusive video interviews with Beckinsale, James, and Foerster below, and look for Underworld: Blood Wars in theaters everywhere beginning January 6th.


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