Feeling left out because you couldn't make it Sundance? We can't help you with some of the big horror features, but When the Zombies Come and The Apocalypse are two short films that are playing at the festival and we have them for you to watch right now. See if you have a better zombie survival plan than the guys at ACE Hardware...

"At a remote hardware store, fans of the walking dead have turned their love of zombies into an obsession, warping the way they see the store and its customers."

When the Zombies Come was directed by Jon Hurst and is part of the Sundance shorts competition. While it played last year at other conventions, it just now came to the attention of ACE Hardware who doesn't appear to be too happy about the video. They recently posted a statement on YouTube saying that they were "outraged" and "offended", but we think the negative user comments that followed their statement and the popularity of this video will make them reverse that statement.

We've also included The Apocalypse below, which was written and directed by Andrew Zuchero. The short stars Martin Starr, Ella Rae Peck, Kate Sheil, Ben Pike, Chanel Michaels, and Duke Dlouhy.

When the Zombies Come:

The Apocalypse:

  • Benjamin Jones

    thought those both sucked lol