Weekend Box Office Update

2012/11/04 21:01:07 +00:00 | Jonathan James

This weekend started a horror dry spell and we won't see any major theatrical horror releases until January. However, that doesn't mean that we won't be reporting on the latest box office results. Disney has a big original hit on their hands with Wreck-It Ralph, which took the top spot this weekend with $49.1 million. Positive reviews and strong word of mouth should allow this movie to hold strong throughout the month.

Flight only screened in 1,884 theaters, but pulled in an impressive $25 million in its opening week. The Denzel Washington-starring movie is the first non-animated film released by director Robert Zemeckis in nearly twelve years. Argo continues to hold strong and has earned more than $75 million since opening. The Man with the Iron Fists took fourth place with $8.2 million, which isn't bad at all considering its estimated $15 million production budget.

Next week's major release is Skyfall and Lincoln will have a very limited theatrical opening. Here are the top ten results for this weekend:

1. Wreck-It Ralph - $49,100,000
2. Flight - $25,010,000
3. Argo - $10,245,000
4. The Man with the Iron Fists - $8,219,000
5. Taken 2 - $6,000,000
6. Cloud Atlas - $5,250,000
7. Hotel Transylvania - $4,500,000
8. Paranormal Activity 4 - $4,300,000
9. Here Comes the Boom - $3,600,000
10. Silent Hill: Revelation - 3D $3,300,000