Welcome Back the Dead is an online zombie film festival that has just been announced. The event will take place this October and we have all the details on how you can tune-in and submit your own films:


Welcome Back the Dead Online Zombie Film Festival gives fans a weekend-long opportunity to experience unseen films and interact with each other as they await the third season premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

LOS ANGELES - Welcome Back the Dead is seeking independently produced horror and zombie-themed short films and features for a weekend-long online film festival that culminates with the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead October 14. Beginning Saturday, October 13th fans around the world will be able to tune-in to the film marathon via the internet on their computers, smartphones and tablets to see what the festival’s trailer describes as “a feeding frenzy of films with a bite, previously unseen short films” and prizes.

“The idea was to bring together fans of The Walking Dead from all around the world and do a collective countdown to the new season while watching zombie flicks together and chatting amongst ourselves,” explains Alexander Vickers, who runs Dreamscape Studios, a movie trailer and marketing firm, and who previously worked as a film distribution executive. “It’s a free event produced by fans for the fans. We really were looking for a new way to bring the film festival experience to people, instead of the other way around. Imagine inviting all your friends over to your place for the weekend to watch The Walking Dead premiere and then serving up a bunch of cool movies they’ve never heard of as an appetizer.”

The event producers are still seeking shorts and features for the event and encourage filmmakers wanting to expose their work to a global audience to contact them via the Contact page at welcomebackthedead.com “It’s amazing to see the interest developing for this event. We have people on six continents who’ve reserved a virtual seat,” Allison Beck says. Beck is programming the event’s app. “Welcome Back the Dead is totally free to attend but bandwidth is an issue so we have to cap attendance to make sure the stream is steady and clean for viewers.” Beck urges Walking Dead fans to claim a spot at welcomebackthedead.com to ensure they can participate.

In addition to the films, the festival producers are inviting celebrity guests to appear between films to reflect on The Walking Dead and the festival’s cinematic offerings. “We want those to be a surprise for the audience but we already have some interesting folks committing to appearing,” reveals Solomon Connors, another fan/event producer.

“I love independent filmmakers and this seemed like an exceptional way to get their worthy films an appreciative audience while celebrating a groundbreaking TV series,” confides Vickers. Film submissions will be accepted until the first week of October.


For more information, check out the video below and visit:


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  • Great idea for an online independent film fest counting down the days to the new season.

  • This will open the
    minds of the young people on their spiritual world and what will be happening
    on the year to come thru fiction