Jason Voorhees


Thirty years ago, horror fans watched Herbert West bring the dead back to life with comedic and creepy results in Re-Animator. In our special Halloween issue of DEADLY Magazine, we celebrate Stuart Gordon's cult classic and also take a look at other zombified creations, including George A. Romero's living dead films and Double Take's Ultimate Night of the Living Dead comic book series.

Like an overflowing bag of candy on All Hallows' Eve, this Halloween issue has something for everyone: Jonathan's The Walking Dead Season 6 interview with Andrew Lincoln, Heather's event report and eye-grabbing photos from Halloween Horror Nights, and Patrick's fond reflections on George A. Romero's The Dark Half—to name a few.

Presented by Double Take's recently launched Ultimate Night of the Living Dead universe, this issue of DEADLY Magazine is available to read in its entirety for free.

Below, we've included links to read and download our latest issue of DEADLY Magazine. And to learn more about Double Take's Ultimate Night of the Living Dead, visit http://doubletakeuniverse.com/.

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