These may only be fan concept shoes, but let's hope that the right people see these designs. Tauntr has posted some great concept designs for Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars based on The Walking Dead, Dexter, and Breaking Bad.

Coverse has hundreds of designs in their "All Stars" line, including a whole set of DC Comics-themed shoes, so The Walking Dead shoes may not be completely out of the realm of possibility. Would you buy a pair?

From the guys at Tauntr: "Converse Chuck Taylor Allstars might be the most badass shoes in American history (Sorry L.A. Lights, Chucks have just been around longer and don't need batteries). As determined by an exhaustive survey of the five people in our office, we have found The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, & Dexter to be 3 of the most badass shows currently on television. So we combined them. It was that easy and that awesome."

Source: Tauntr
  • Please keep me updated about these! They are SO fucking amazing. I’d love to see them become a reality.

  • how do we order the walking dead shoes

  • dailydead

    Here’s our most recent article:

    And a direct link:

  • OMG I am a stay at home mother of three AND I WOULD TOTALLY WEAR THE WALKING DEAD SHOES!!.  these would be a great conversation piece at the ball games etc.  so wish i had a pair!!

  • Thats so rubbish I got excited over nothing. I wouldnt even bother buying them seeing as you dont get the blood on the toes their no where near as cool as the design consept what their selling are a epic……….FAIL But mugs will still buy them even though their being ripped off!!

  • Br Ba’s in size 13 please.