2012/03/01 18:28:10 UTC

The Walking Dead: Is Daryl Dixon Joining the Comic Book Series?

Fans of The Walking Dead comic book series know that Norman Reedus' character Daryl Dixon was created specifically for the TV show. To say that Daryl has been a fan favorite is an understatement and Robert Kirkman hints that the character may be joining the comic book series.

We recently covered a number of quotes from last weekend's Image Comics Expo, where Robert Kirkman and Norman Reedus were present at a live panel. However, some new information has emerged from the event regarding Daryl's possible comic appearance. Fans were wondering if a recent teaser image hinted at Daryl's addition to the comic series and Robert Kirkman strongly hints that we'll see him in the upcoming "Somthing to Fear" story arc:

From Robert Kirkman: "I've definitely considered writing Daryl in to the comics. Norman is always pestering me about it. All I can say right now is that if you have been paying attention to the Internet we did just release a series of teasers called 'Something to Fear' for a new story arc that's coming up and it's a series of very threatening looking people with very specific weapons and one of them has a crossbow,"

The "Something to Fear" story arc will start later this year and leads up to The Walking Dead's 100th issue. Last month, we ran a number of teaser images and have included them below:

"After Rick and the other survivors are brought into a larger world, they are given something to fear."

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