With the 3D movie craze in full swing, it's only fitting that Warner Bros. is looking to release one of the first feature length films shot in stereoscopic 3D as a 3D Blu-ray. 1953's House of Wax will be available in Q3 2013, according to Blu-ray.com. At this time, no bonus features or additional release details have been announced, but we're hoping that the movie will be available as a standard Blu-ray as well.

The movie stars Vincent Price as "Professor Henry Jarrod (Price), is a true artist whose wax sculptures are lifelike. He specializes in historical tableau's such a Marie Antoinette or Joan of Arc. His business partner, Matthew Burke, needs some of his investment returned to him and pushes Jarrod to have more lurid exposes like a chamber of horrors."

House of Wax was directed by André De Toth and also stars Carolyn Jones, Phyllis Kirk, Dabbs Greer and Charles Bronson. The release date is still quite a bit away, but we'll update this story as soon as more details become available.

Source: Blu-ray.com
  • Patti

    I saw this movie when it was re-released in the 80’s it was awesome. You are on the edge of you seat through out the whole movie. Phyllis Kirk was great in this movie.