With the 3D movie craze in full swing, it's only fitting that Warner Bros. is looking to release one of the first feature length films shot in stereoscopic 3D as a 3D Blu-ray. 1953's House of Wax will be available in Q3 2013, according to At this time, no bonus features or additional release details have been announced, but we're hoping that the movie will be available as a standard Blu-ray as well.

The movie stars Vincent Price as "Professor Henry Jarrod (Price), is a true artist whose wax sculptures are lifelike. He specializes in historical tableau's such a Marie Antoinette or Joan of Arc. His business partner, Matthew Burke, needs some of his investment returned to him and pushes Jarrod to have more lurid exposes like a chamber of horrors."

House of Wax was directed by André De Toth and also stars Carolyn Jones, Phyllis Kirk, Dabbs Greer and Charles Bronson. The release date is still quite a bit away, but we'll update this story as soon as more details become available.

  • Patti

    I saw this movie when it was re-released in the 80’s it was awesome. You are on the edge of you seat through out the whole movie. Phyllis Kirk was great in this movie.