A brother must choose between upholding the law or saving his brother from a life behind bars—or worse—in A Violent Separation, and with the thriller coming to theaters and VOD on May 17th from Screen Media, we've been provided with an exclusive clip to share with Daily Dead readers.

Below, you can watch Frances Campbell (Alycia Debnam-Carey) confront Norman Young (Brenton Thwaites) after discovering a deadly secret that will threaten not only their relationship, but life as they know it.

Directed by Kevin and Michael Goetz from a screenplay by Michael Arkof, A Violent Separation stars Thwaites (Titans, The Giver), Ben Robson (Animal Kingdom, Vikings), Debnam-Carey (Fear the Walking Dead, The 100) and Claire Holt (The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars).

Synopsis: "In a quiet midwestern town, a deputy named Norman Young is faced with an impossible decision; arrest his older brother Ray for murder or help him cover it up. Norman chooses family. As the ensuing investigation withers, neither of the brothers are prepared for the weight of their guilt or how that guilt will strain their loyalty to each other when a passionate romance blossoms between Norman and the victim’s younger sister, Frances. Family bonds are tested as impossible choices must be made to protect the ones they love."

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