After bringing alligators to the big screen in Crawl, Alexandre Aja will next direct a new haunted house movie that will incorporate its audience into its storytelling.

According to Collider, Aja will helm an untitled haunted house movie for Amblin Partners, based on an idea by Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard (The Haunting of Hill House, Gerald's Game), the latter of whom will also write the script along with Nick Simon (The Girl in the Photographs) and Aja.

Collider describes the film as a "choose-your-own-adventure-style horror movie" in which audience members will vote on the decisions they'd like characters to make using an app on their phone, resulting in multiple endings and narratives for viewers to experience. Amblin is teaming up with Kino Industries’ CtrlMovie technology to create the new haunted house movie.

With the success of Netflix's choose-your-own-adventure movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and the increasing efficiency of interactive technology, we could see more and more movies that allow you to decide their outcomes. In the meantime, we'll keep Daily Dead readers updated on Aja's upcoming film as more details are revealed.

Source: Collider
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