Last week, three teaser trailers and new images from American Horror Story were released. Today, a new contest has launched, where they'll set up hidden cameras and send a character from the show to to scare you at your house. If you want to know what to expect, continue reading and watch the embedded video.

"Anticipating the psycho-sexual thriller's premiere, FX invites fans to 'let them in,' literally. Fans register on the American Horror Story website to get a truly terrifying House Call. American Horror Story House Calls will pick a few entrants for a scary encounter without prior warning. A friend or family member will assist with the scare to make the House Call possible. Give us your name and the name of a friend or family member who can help us plan your American Horror Story House Call. It can happen anytime. Anywhere."

American Horror Story house calls will be recorded with hidden cameras and posted online. You can sign up or view videos at:

American Horror story has been developed by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk and will appear on FX this October. The show has already been picked up for a full 13-episode season and stars Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton, and Jessica Lange.

“Described as a psychosexual thriller, American Horror Story centers on a therapist (McDermott) and his wife (Britton) who, dealing with the aftermath of the husband’s adultery, move along with their kids into a new house that seems to know all about their fears and plays on them. American Horror Story has strong supernatural elements (For example, the housekeeper is perceived differently by the two spouses) and also explores other forms of horror in society.”