As promised, we have more American Horror Story Season 2 casting news. Recently, it was announced that Jessica Lange and Zachary Quinto would return to the show. Co-creator Ryan Murphy just announced three additional season 1 actors who will be back as well.

The return of Sarah Paulson, Even Peters, and Lily Rabe was announced tonight at PaleyFest. Ryan Murphy mentioned that they will be playing new characters who are the opposite of their Season 1 characters.

The writing and casting of season 2 is still ongoing, but Murphy said that anyone could pop up, so don't count out other season 1 actors returning in cameo roles: "Some people have gone to do other movies and TV shows, but the door is always open for fun crossover cameo stuff."

It was announced that shooting begins in July and the show is set to premiere on the third week of October. As mentioned previously, the show will have a new theme, new characters, and will take place in a new location. Plot details are slim, but expect American Horror Story Season 2 to take place in an east coast institution. They said that a supernatural element will always be part of the show, but to never expect werewolves or vampires. Season 2 will not be a ghost story like season 1, but Murphy promises that "it will be equally scary".

We're still collecting additional details and will update the story with any new information we pick up.

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