If you live in the greater Los Angeles area and are a fan of American Murder Song, then this event is for you. Celebrate the release of American Murder Song EP 2 with the musical minds behind the project, Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman. Fans can look forward to many libations, the premiere of a new music video, and live performances at the event on June 30th:

Press Release: On Thursday, June 30th, cult film composers Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman are inviting fans in the Los Angeles area out for a night filled with live music, fine spirits, and gravelly entertainment, as the duo behind AMERICAN MURDER SONG will be celebrating the release of their latest EP with an intimate gathering where they’ll perform live and debut their new music video as well.

Both Zdunich and Hendelman are no strangers to creating dark, visual worlds with music. They tackled industrial opera with 2008's REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA, sideshow cabaret with 2012's THE DEVIL'S CARNIVAL, celestial big band in 2015's ALLELUIA! THE DEVIL'S CARNIVAL, and are now exploring the murder ballads genre in their historical film/concept-album project, AMERICAN MURDER SONG.

On AMERICAN MURDER SONG's first EP, I. DAWN, they led listeners through a series of bloody tales of killer young'uns and a new America pushing west and with their new EP, II. PROVIDENCE, the genre-defying duo invite audiences to go back in time to 1816 and visit the watering hole that served as the hunting grounds for America's first purported female serial killer.

  • PROVIDENCE was produced by BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY's Scotty Morris and is now available for pre-order on AMERICAN MURDER SONG's official site ( The EP's first single Sweet Rosalie” can be downloaded today and is available with all pre-orders of II. PROVIDENCE.

Between now and June 28th, Terrance and Saar are also presenting fans with an opportunity to help make a 2016 AMERICAN MURDER SONG TOUR a reality. In addition to pre-ordering the new EP, fans can sort through a wagon full of never-before-offered AMERICAN MURDER SONG goods and attractions. All proceeds will go towards funding THE AMERICAN WAKE TOUR, which is tentatively slated for Fall 2016.

To pre-order II. PROVIDENCE, download “Sweet Rosalie”, or help fund the debut tour, visit AMERICAN MURDER SONG's official website at

In addition to killer tunes, AMERICAN MURDER SONG releases new videos every Tuesday that feature a rouges gallery of rock stars and cult personalities, including Sara 'Chibi' Taylor of THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE, Alissa White-Gluz of ARCH ENEMY, and goth personality Aurelio Voltaire. Be sure to Follow The Mark at Fans can also find AMS on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter at

Album Liner Notes:

AMERICAN MURDER SONG: II. PROVIDENCE is the second chapter in the hybrid film/concept-album project by Terrance Zdunich (Repo! The Genetic Opera) and Saar Hendelman (The Devil's Carnival franchise). Produced by Scotty Morris of BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY, the EP is a collection of original murder ballads set in 1816 America. AMERICAN MURDER SONG features not only music but stop-motion animation, moving daguerreotype portraits and a rogues gallery of cutthroats and murderesses. As Messrs. Storm & Tender, Saar and Terrance invite audiences to Follow The Mark:


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