Angus Scrimm Has Passed Away

2016/01/10 07:10:31 +00:00

Some very sad news came in late this evening from Don Coscarelli, who revealed that Angus Scrimm has passed away at the age of 89. The Phantasm director took to Twitter not too long ago to confirm that Angus Scrimm passed away peacefully and in the company of friends and family:

"Phantasm’s Angus Scrimm passed away peacefully tonight surrounded by his friends and loved ones... Angus’s performance as the Tall Man is a towering achievement in horror film history. He was the last of the classic horror movie stars... Angus was a terrific actor and an even better friend. He will be missed."

The recently announced 4k restoration of Phantasm and upcoming release of Phantasm V will be bittersweet with Angus Scrimm not around to see them, but it's a testament to his performance that this 1979 movie and the Tall Man will continue to terrify audiences for generations to come.

Our own Scott Drebit recently wrote about Phantasm and really summed up why Scrimm and his portrayal of the Tall Man will be remembered forever: "Whether giving Mike chase or lurking in the shadows, Scrimm brings to life the unstoppable force and omniscient presence of The Tall Man, all with a gleam in his eye that would make Karloff and Price smile. A monster for the ages, in a film that defies time."

While Angus Scrimm is famous for his role in the Phantasm series, his acting career spanned more than four decades, with roles in Alias, Subspecies, I Sell the Dead and Chopping Mall. More importantly, fans and those that knew him personally will remember his kindness and warmth that couldn't be further from the terrifying Tall Man he portrayed in the movies. Our thoughts are with Don Coscarelli, and friends and family of Angus Scrimm during this difficult time.