Z2 Comics has once again teamed up with the team behind The Last Podcast on the Left for THE LAST COMIC BOOK ON THE LEFT Volume 3! Featuring a new group of writers and artists, this horror anthology is now available for pre-order and we have a look at art prints and variant cover art!

"The fevered minds behind The Last Podcast on the Left, Marcus Parks, Henry Zebrowski, and Ben Kissel, have once more joined unholy forces with Z2 Comics for a third tome in the The Last Comic Book on the Left series. Overflowing with stories equally heretic and hilarious, this new anthology has ensnared a new batch of writers and artists to conjure more macabre and profane sequential art inspired by the podcast, featuring doomed descents into Norwegian Black Metal, the Andreasson Affair, the Hollow Moon, and the Edgewood Arsenal (among others).

What other degenerates have been recruited into this brochure of the wicked?

Eliot Rahal (Amelia Aierwood: Basic Witch, Cheech & Chong's Chronicles)
• Bob Fingerman (Minimum WageBeg the Question)
• Brennan Wagner (Blondie: Against the Odds)
• Jenna Cha (Black Stars Above)
• Grim Wilkins (Mirenda, Prophet)
• Maria Lovett (Faithless, Porcelain)
• Josh Simmons (Black River, Flayed Corpse)
• Bayard Morse (The Last Comic Book on the Left)
• Eryk Donovan (Heavy, Memetic)
• Jade Young
• Jensine Eckwall

In addition, Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski will step out from the bullpen to write their own stories in this new volume. Legendary creator Matt Wagner (MageGrendel) provides the cover art for the deluxe edition with repeat offender Bob Fingerman returning to provide cover art on the standard edition; Rob Schwager illustrated the hardback.

"What did you think? We were stopping at two volumes?!," Marcus Parks asks. "We won't stop producing The Last Comic Book on the Left until the sky goes black!"

"Will we see Detective Popcorn naked?," Henry Zebrowski asks. "He's a detective. He's a bag of popcorn. And he deserves to be seen in his full-frontal glory."

Like the first two volumes of The Last Comic Book on the Lefta series of prints will come bundled with deluxe editions of the book. Artists and subjects include:
• Maria Lovett, Vampires
• Rob Schwager, The Flatwoods Monster
• Jade Young, Curse of the Kelpie

"I’m ecstatic to channel more of the terrifying, hilarious, and incredibly uncomfortable lore that the guys have immortalized into this new comic," says projector editor and Z2 Creative Director Courtney Menard. "I’m especially excited for Marcus’ and Henry’s contributions in this volume. Prepare yourselves for psychedelic abductions and a side of Detective Popcorn yet to be witnessed."

This deal was brokered by Z2 Comics A&R Liaison John Domingos. "I hope to say this with every subsequent volume of this series, but this new book raises the bar yet again. We hope the fans feel the same way and know that they won't be disappointed," Domingos explains. "Henry, Marcus, Ben and the rest of the Last Podcast team continue to be dream collaborators, and it shows on every page."

Super Deluxe Editions of The Last Comic Book on the Left Vol. 3 will come with mystery trading cards, which can also be purchased separately."

To learn more or pre-order, visit: https://z2comics.com/products/the-last-comic-book-on-the-left-vol-3

Maria Llovet, Vampires

Jade Young, Curse of the Kelpie

The Last Comic Book on the Left Vol. 3 Standard Edition Cover by Bob Fingerman

The Last Comic Book on the Left Vol. 3 Deluxe Edition Cover by Matt and Brennan Wagner

The Last Comic Book on the Left Vol. 3 Deluxe Edition Cover by Rob Schwager