While Mrs. Voorhees got to run rampant at Camp Crystal Lake in the first Friday the 13th, her adult son's first full-fledged killing spree took place down the shore at Packanack Lodge in Friday the 13th Part II. Featuring plenty of memorable locations forever marked in crimson by Jason's creative kills, the setting for the first Friday the 13th sequel has been lovingly recreated in a new diorama.

Built by artist John M. Stewart of Korova Art, the Packanack Lodge diorama brings the backdrop of Friday the 13th Part II to life with impeccable detail, from the campfire ring where we first see the new counselors in training and the massive lodge's porch where they gather for a good time to "sack head" Jason's ramshackle hideaway and the steep stairway leading down to the enigmatic waters of Crystal Lake.

Standing 12 inches high atop a base that is 27 inches by 20 inches wide, the diorama also comes with lights that eerily illuminate the grounds of the Packanack Lodge and might have you looking for a tiny Jason lurking in the shadows...

Also shared by our friends at Fridaythe13thFranchise.com, you can view photos of Stewart's diorama below, and to view the full gallery, visit Stewart's official website and Facebook page, where you can also check out Stewart's recreations of locations from John Carpenter's The Thing, Salem's Lot, Saw, A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, and many more!

Photos from Korova Art Studio. For more photos, visit John M. Stewart's Facebook page.

Source: Korova Art Studio via Fridaythe13thFranchise.com
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