If you caught my interview with Bruce Campbell last week, you saw him mention the fact that he'd like the series to last five seasons. A third season seemed like a sure thing, but it hasn't been official until now. According to multiple reports, Starz has greenlit Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3.

This was mentioned during NYCC and original report came from Deadline, who also mentioned that the 10-episode third season is expected to premiere around this same time next year. If you haven't had a chance to catch up with Season 2, it's definitely worth your time and you won't want to miss this Sunday's premiere of episode 2. We've included the official Season 2 trailer for those that haven't seen it yet and here's what Bruce Campbell recently told me about the future of Ash vs Evil Dead:

I'll take five [seasons]. No one's gonna burn out at five. I got this a lot, "Hey, so Burn Notice ran, like, five seasons right?" I'm like, “No, it ran seven.” They were like, "Oh, oh." And what it really meant was they stopped watching after five. And every shows has a burnout factor. The cast burns out, the show gets too expensive, writers run out of ideas, viewership declines. Every show has its arc.

We want to end strong, and I want to put together a multiple year plan so that the writers know where this is going, the actors know where it's going, and the studio knows where it's going. Everyone should know where everything is going all the time, in my opinion.

Source: Deadline