"In 1800s America, the sun has vanished and night is eternal. Along with the perpetual darkness came monstrous creatures that attack in the dark - the only way to remain safe is to be surrounded by a source of light. Our story follows the Connor family as they make their way across the American West to a rumored underground sanctuary. Elijah and Abigail Connor, along with their pre-teen daughter Mercy, are sitting in a cave awaiting a faraway signal on a hill. The signal in question will let them know when it is time for them to trek across the dark desert to rendezvous with another group who know the exact location of the sanctuary in question. While they wait in the cave, surrounded by candles, they speak about a sinister set of creatures named Banshees that are lurking outside, and are only repelled by light. The light eventually ignites on the hill, and the Connors commence their dangerous journey through the desert, while keeping themselves close to candlelight for protection..."

Cast // Crew:

  • Austan Wheeler - Elijah Connor
  • Kailee McFerran - Mercy Connor
  • Sarah Ogan - Abigail Connor
  • Banshee - Gia Rose Screnci
  • Banshee - Samantha Kahkola
  • Written & Directed by - Scott Alexander Naar
  • Produced by - Sarah Naar
  • Cinematography by - Alexandra Santiago
  • Executive Produced by- Franck Manyong