Are you feeling nostalgic for Dungeons & Dragons and other role-playing games after watching Stranger Things? Blumhouse Podcast Network has you covered with their recently launched Fear Initiative, a new podcast that follows co-hosts David Ian McKendry, Morgan Peter Brown, Megan Duffy, Josh Forbes, Cara Mandel, Jeff Seidman, Rob Shraub, and Clarke Wolfe as they dive deep into the spooky storylines of their horror RPG adventures.

You can now listen to the first episode of Fear Initiative on the Blumhouse Podcast Network, and be sure to keep an eye (and ear) out for a new episode every Tuesday! For more details, we have the official press release:

Press Release: The studio that brought you Paranormal ActivityThe Purge, and Get Out is breaking out 10-sided dice for its newest podcast FEAR INITIATIVEFear Initiative will be a weekly podcast hosted by Game Master David Ian McKendry. McKendry will take role-players Morgan Peter Brown, Megan Duffy, Josh Forbes, Cara Mandel, Jeff Seidman, Rob Shraub, and Clarke Wolfe through a frightening world of demons, ghouls, and killers.

The first episode has just launched (, and new episodes will be dropping every week on Tuesdays. Season 1 will follow a more traditional Dungeons & Dragons storyline using D&D’s 5th edition rules with future seasons exploring a wide variety of RPG’s. In true Blumhouse fashion, this podcastwill focus on bringing the horror to role playing games while providing listeners with chilling storylines and compelling characters.

The Blumhouse Podcast Network already includes two other shows, Shock Waves and Mick Garris’s Post Mortem.


David Ian McKendry is a contributing writer on Clive Barker’s Hellrasier graphic novel series and co-wrote and co-directed the feature film All the Creatures Were Stirring with wife Rebekah McKendry. He first started playing D&D in middle school and has been playing various RPG’s ever since.

Megan Duffy is a Los Angeles based actress who has appeared in over 50 national commercials, guest starring roles in television shows including Mad MenCriminal Minds, and Torchwood: Miracle Day, and has a leading role opposite Elijah Wood in the feature film Maniac. She recently made her directorial debut with a music video for the LA based electronic dance duo Smoke Season, and makes a terrific homemade beef jerky.

Josh Forbes has been making monster movies since he was 12. He has directed music videos and commercials for over a decade, creating content for everyone from Sara Bareilles and Steve Aoki to Comedy Central and the Syfy Channel. He was nominated for an MTV VMA for Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance”. His first feature film, the body-horror-zombie extravaganza, Contracted: Phase 2 is currently being released by IFC MIDNIGHT and XYZ FILMS.

Rob Schrab started off in comic books, writing and illustrating the cult comic book, Scud the Disposable Assassin. Together with his writing partner, Dan Harmon (CommunityRick and Morty) they wrote the feature film Monster House. For the 81st Academy Awards he and Harmon co-wrote the musical opening for Hugh Jackman and won an EMMY for “Best Musical Number,” in 2009. Schrab has directed episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Parks and Recreation, Community, Blue Mountain State, Childrens Hospital, The Mindy Project, and The Sarah Silverman Program.  He continues to write/direct/animate in feature film, television, and digital media.

Morgan Peter Brown is an actor/producer, perhaps best known for his roles in films like AbsentiaXX, and the upcoming All the Creatures Were Stirring, as well as TV shows like Modern FamilyCasual, and Animal Kingdom. He’s also a producer with FallBack Plan Productions and was associate producer on the 2014 hit Oculus.

Jeff Seidman is a video producer and editor for and was an editor of All the Creatures Were Stirring. He is also the co-writer of the short Oculus, the basis for the 2013 feature film Oculus.

Clarke Wolf has appeared on The Nerdist, Collider, Skybound, and SyFy. She is producer and co-star of Slashed! The Musical which was nominated for Best Musical at the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival. You can also hear her voice the role of Deputy Carly Jenson on Jared Rivet’s audio drama The Currect, on Earbud Theater.

Cara Mandel is the Executive Producer of Content at Outpost Media. She’s also co-founder of the newly launched immersive gaming and entertainment collective, Interwoven Immersive Inc. She is a writer, director, producer, choreographer, journalist, and entrepreneur.


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