If, like me, you're always on the lookout for new nightmares written by Adam Cesare, then 2024 is already looking scary good, because in addition to the upcoming Clown in a Cornfield 3: The Church of Frendo, Cesare has written the new horror movie Last Night at Terrace Lanes (from a story by Jenna St. John). Pitting bowlers against a bloodthirsty brigade of masked cult members, Last Night at Terrace Lanes will be released on VOD beginning January 16th from DREAD, and we have a look at the trailer ahead of its forthcoming release!

Directed by Jamie Nash and written by Adam Cesare (from a story by Jenna St. John), Last Night at Terrace Lanes stars Ken Arnold, Francesca Capaldi, Wes Johnson, Christopher Walker, Rebecca J. Beaumont, Chris LaMartina, Christopher Inlow, Anita Sharma, Melissa LaMartina, and Towanda Underdue.

Synopsis: "After a bloodthirsty cult invades a bowling alley on its final night of operation, Kennedy, a high schooler on the ultimate date from hell, must join forces with the lifer maintenance man (her estranged embarrassment of a dad). Now, the dysfunctional duo must work together to survive the crazed murderers and find a way to save her date from human sacrifice."

  • Derek Anderson
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