With a terrain so vast that we're only familiar with a fraction of what might be out there, you never know what might come hurtling through the stars, and director Brandon Cronenberg is looking to tap into that terror with Dragon, a new sci-fi thriller that is in development as his second feature film.

Variety reports that Brandon (son of legendary director David Cronenberg) is working with Dan Abnett to write the screenplay of Dragon, which will follow the crew of a spaceship on the hunt for colossal creatures known as "dragons" among the stars, with the intentions of gathering their organic matter, selling it for a steep price to people who turn it into drugs, and living happily ever after with a big paycheck.

The project is being produced by Luc Roeg’s Independent and Martin Katz’s Prospero Pictures, and conversations are underway for potential VR options related to the film, which is expected to begin shooting by mid-2018.

Here's what Brandon had to say about Dragon (via Variety):

“‘Dragon’ connects to a certain kind of hallucinogenic sci-fi tradition, like an adaptation of an imagined Philip K. Dick novel. I’m thrilled to be working with Dan Abnett on this, exploring the pleasures of space horror in a satirical and at times psychotic universe.”

Brandon previously directed the 2012 sci-fi thriller Antiviral, and Marvel Comics writer Abnett is behind the revamped version of the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book series that premiered in 2008. We'll be sure to keep Daily Dead readers updated on Dragon as the film moves closer to production.

Source: Variety
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