From what lies in the cellar to what waits in the woods, there are many scary things in Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead, but one of the film's most unsettling elements is Joseph LoDuca's score. On October 25th, the Up orchestra will bring that score to life in Los Angeles with a live performance of the movie's music at a special screening of The Evil Dead hosted by Ash himself, the groovy Bruce Campbell.

Also in attendance at The Evil Dead screening will be composer Joseph LoDuca, who will have the treat of seeing a live performance of his score accompany the scares onscreen:


8PM - TUE OCT 25, 2016

Hosted by Bruce Campbell
Music by + special guest Joseph LoDuca - Composer

October 25, 2016, 8pm
The Theatre at Ace Hotel, Los Angeles

On Tuesday, October 25, dress up and join us for a special screening of Sam Raimi's horror classic The Evil Dead (1981), with composer Joseph LoDuca's original score performed live by LA's own wild Up chamber orchestra, and hosted by EVIL DEAD's Bruce Campbell. Tickets on sale to the Ace Mailing list Thursday, May 5 at 10am and General public on May 6."

To learn more and to purchase tickets (available to the general public beginning May 6th), visit:

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