Put on a strong pot of coffee and get ready to start rockin' with Dokken again (if you ever stopped, that is), because Cavity Colors is celebrating the upcoming 30th anniversary of A Nightmare on Elm Street 3Dream Warriors with a new shirt design featuring Kristen Parker, Nancy Thompson, and Freddy Krueger with his syringe fingers.

Created by artist Ralf Krause, this Dream Warriors shirt design is a special "buy or die" edition and is only available for 72 hours (the timer started ticking at 5:00pm EST today, so you have until 5:00pm EST on Sunday before it goes away forever).

This design is available on a T-shirt, women's shirt, and tank top for $26.00 apiece, as well as a baseball shirt for $35.00 and a crewneck sweater for $40.00. Visit Cavity Colors online for more information, and check out the new design below.

From Cavity Colors: "We are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Dream Warriors with a new BUY OR DIE - 72 hour clothing release! This design will be available on T-shirts (guys & girls), Tanktops, Baseball tees, and Sweaters! After 3 days, it will vanish forever. Stay tuned, and please don't fall asleep before then.

(Art by Ralf Krause)"