As February 14th creeps closer on the calendar with chocolates in one hand and a butcher knife in the other, Cavity Colors is embracing the horrors of the holiday with two new items that pay tribute to 2001's Valentine and 1981's My Bloody Valentine.

Coming out on Thursday, February 2nd beginning at 5:00pm EST, Cavity Colors will unleash a new "Be Mine" design featuring the cherub-masked killer from Valentine (2001). The Devon Whitehead design is limited to 250 items and will be displayed on both guys' and women's shirts, as well as baseball tees.

Also being released on Thursday is a "Cross Your Heart" giclee poster commemorating the killer from My Bloody Valentine. Limited to 100 items with 17" by 22" dimensions, the Aaron Crawford-crafted poster has plenty of heart.

You can view both items below, as well as official details from Cavity Colors. If you're looking to pick up one or both of these collectibles for the special horror lover in your life, keep an eye on Cavity Colors' website on Thursday at 5:00pm EST.

From Cavity Colors: "Hello, Boils & Ghouls! As VALENTINE'S DAY approaches, we wanted to get a head-start with a brand new release themed around 2 of our favorite Valentine's Day related horror films! Featuring a little of the old, and a little of the new! We hope you enjoy these, lovebirds!"

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