It may not be Saint Patrick's Day until March 17th, but the fine folks at Cavitycolors are celebrating the green holiday early with a killer new Leprechaun design.

Once again featuring incredibly detailed artwork by Devon Whitehead, Cavitycolors' latest "Buy or Die" release pays tribute to the Leprechaun slasher movie franchise by displaying Warwick Davis' iconic character on T-shirts, tanktops, baseball tees, and crewneck sweaters, with prices ranging from $26.00–$40.00.

As per Cavitycolors' "Buy or Die" tradition, the new Leprechaun apparel is available for a 72-hour period that will conclude on Sunday afternoon.

You can celebrate Saint Patrick's Day early by checking out the new design below, and visit Cavitycolors' website for more details!

  • Derek Anderson
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