They may have expected to see the scares jump off the silver screen at a 3D showing of My Bloody Valentine, but two moviegoers have a closer-than-expected encounter with Harry Warden's pickaxe in the eye-popping new "Buy or Die" design from Cavitycolors.

Once again featuring vibrant artwork by Devon Whitehead, Cavitycolors' latest "Buy or Die" release pays tribute to George Mihalka's 1981 slasher movie, My Bloody Valentine, and is displayed on T-shirts, tanktops, baseball tees, and crewneck sweaters, with prices ranging from $26.00–$40.00.

As per Cavitycolors' "Buy or Die" tradition, the new My Bloody Valentine apparel is available for a 72-hour period that will conclude on Sunday afternoon.

You can celebrate Valentine's Day early by checking out the new design below, visit Cavitycolors' website for more details, and if you're in the Atlanta area, stop by Cavitycolors' booth at this weekend's Days of the Dead convention.

  • Derek Anderson
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