E.L. Katz showed how much pain people were willing to endure to bring home a big paycheck in Cheap Thrills and also helmed the segment "A is for Amateur" in ABCs of Death 2. Horror hounds now have a new E.L. Katz-helmed project to look forward to, as it's been revealed that he is set to direct the comedy-thriller, You’ll Be the Death of Me.

Variety reports that E.L. Katz is set to helm You'll Be the Death of Me, a Mandeville Pictures movie that will be distributed by Lionsgate. Katz will direct off a script by Mark Hammer (Two Night Stand). The film will be produced by Todd Lieberman. No casting or release details are known at this time, but the film will follow "two single New Yorkers who find their budding romance complicated by the attention of a masked knife-wielding psychopath."

Time will tell how much horror this picture has in its DNA, but with Katz at the helm and a synopsis involving a psychopath with a sharp weapon, some thrills and chills should be on the docket. Stay tuned to Daily Dead for more details.

Source: Variety
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