This Thursday, Cavity Colors is releasing a brand new shirt and print that pays homage to The Fly. Titled 'Vomit Drop,' this shirt is sure to turn a few heads. Here's what Aaron Crawford had to say about his most recent creation:

"I wanted to approach this in a way where it wasn't just an image of Seth Brundle after he is transformed into Brundlefly because of a teleportation accident,

But I also wanted to loosely base my illustration on the movie / story of course because it's a beautiful flurry of special effects, slime, acid, and Geena Davis' face. So I began brainstorming ways to share my love of this half man half fly monster in my own style and imagery...

I wanted to mostly focus on the idea of how bizarre it is that a House Fly can taste with their feet, and also regurgitate stomach enzymes into solid foods in order to liquify, and consume it. This process is called VOMIT DROP. Because a Fly does not have teeth to chew, this is the only way they can consume it's food.

This piece can serve as a snapshot of the human sized FLY regurgitating onto one of it's victims and basically slurping it right up. Because if FLIES were human sized, the world would be a horrific place..."

Both the shirt and print will be available for pre-order at the official Cavity Colors website on Thursday, February 27th.