Teaser videos for Alien: Covenant have advised viewers to "run, hide, and pray," but Christine McConnell's new Alien franchise desserts will make you want to "run, hide, and eat" instead, as her incredible creations are featured in new photos that bring her desserts to delicious and seemingly lethal life.

Posted by Christine McConnell on her Facebook page (and shared by NECA) in an official collaboration with 20th Century Fox, the Xenomorph cake brings Ripley's ultimate antagonist to life with "devil's food chocolate cake," "sugar glass fangs," and cookies for the mouth and jaw. Dressed in a fashion similar to Sigourney Weaver's iconic character, McConnell can be seen taking on the cake in the photos below.

McConnell's amazing Alien: Covenant display, meanwhile, depicts Neomorphs as "chocolate coated peanut butter pops," while the closed (for now), "football-sized" Ovomorph eggs are packed with "homemade salted caramels."

Rounding out her Alien-themed desserts is the open Ovomorph egg made of "strawberry cream cake with spore pod cookies," featuring a Facehugger crawling out of the top. In the photos below, McConnell can also be seen as the Covenant crew first enjoying the cake before being destroyed by it (but by the delicious look of the dessert, it was totally worth risking your life for just one bite).

You can view the photos of McConnell's incredible edible creations below, and be sure to visit her Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter page, and website for more of her phenomenal photography and incredible creations.

Source: Facebook via NECA
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