The wait is now over and it’s time for a new presidential contender, Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif), aka Chucky, who has arrived and is ready to torment another day. After a long hiatus during which the creators divided season 3 into two parts, Don Mancini finally bestows another part of season 3 with four more episodes in its haunting repertoire. Although it seems impossible, Chucky Season 3: Part Two is even crazier and bloodier, as the season takes a spiritual spin.

Following the conclusion of Part One, we are left with a fast-aging Chucky, clinging to life as a serial killer in a doll body. But the man's foe isn't just the old age: Jake (Zackary Arthur), Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind), and Devon (Bjorgvin Arnarson) are back and are hellbent on destroying the remains of Chucky's soul for good. Meanwhile, Tiffany, aka Jennifer Tilly (Jennifer Tilly), faces a hard reality after being condemned to jail for her numerous misdeeds. As the trio attempt to find their way into the White House once again, Tiffany endeavors to convince everybody she herself isn't really Jennifer and tries to find herself in a new, orange-hued reality behind bars, awaiting trial.

Chucky Season 3: Part Two couldn't get much wilder, but Mancini and others prove otherwise. Within four episodes, they manage to combine contemplations on life and death, a developing teen love story, brutal, gruesome murders, and a discussion regarding the supernatural. As the show addresses these matters, the cast ensemble continues to give outstanding performances. Each character is an integral element in the Chucky narrative, as seen by their equal prominence in the SyFy show.

One of the most comical aspects of Part Two is the old man Chucky and the jailbird Tiff. Both Dourif and Tilly continue to dazzle with their strong performances as psychotic murders. Especially Tilly as Tiffany, perpetually surrounded by glitter and sparkle, demonstrates how quickly she can adapt if she has some Voodoo magic at her side. The actress absolutely owns episode 3, titled "There Will Be Blood" like she owns the numerous shiny gowns. Dewon Sawa, too, continues to be an excellent addition to the Chucky universe. As the President of the United States in season 3, the Final Destination actor is possibly one of the most clueless characters, and he plays on that very well.

Finally, the season finale titled "Final Destination" (which is another nod towards Sawa), pushes further toward the spiritual aspect and it does so more than it has ever done before, including in the films. This time around, the creators consider life after death and the never-ending struggle that occurs when someone dies with unfinished business, unable to move on. It's also an intriguing way to end season 3, with so much potential for more to come.

Despite all the blood and killings, Chucky Season 3: Part Two finds time to focus on Jake and Devon's relationship development and Lexy's search for her sister, Caroline (Carina Battrick). The trio's relationship and bond strengthen as they tackle their eternal opponent one step at a time. 

One thing is certain: despite the show's third season, the fun doesn't stop or slow down. It gets more bonkers with each episode and the boredom never strikes. All the storylines, the wonderful cast, and many creative death scenes make Chucky one hell of a ride. Plus, the creativity behind the episodes’ names is another example of the creators going above and beyond to please genre fans worldwide. In short, run, don’t walk to your television; it's time to get Chucked!

Score: 4.5/5

  • Zofia Wijaszka
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