With another year of eclectic screenings of movies both old and new in the books, the juried winners of Cinepocalypse 2019 have been revealed, with Sara Summa’s The Last to See Them taking home the coveted "Best Film" award from a jury that includes Joel Schumacher.

Press Release: The Music Box Theatre is honored to announce the juried winners of the 2019 edition of Cinepocalypse. As the festival wraps, it is also immensely proud to note that, in its third year, the festival shattered its second-year attendance record, and won accolades for its once-in-a-lifetime, center-of-the-cinematic-universe programming and guests. Cinepocalypse welcomed over 6,000 attendees, over 25 film guests from around the world, and hosted multiple sold out screenings, including Glenn Danzig’s buzzed about debut VEROTIKA, first-ever screening of the hyper rare ‘Gore-Cut’ of TAMMY AND THE T-REX, and special 70mm screening of TOTAL RECALL with Michael Ironside in attendance, all at the Music Box Theatre.

The festival's feature film jury, which was led by THE LOST BOYS and FALLING DOWN director Joel Schumacher, has awarded “Best Film” to Sara Summa’s unnerving, character-driven THE LAST TO SEE THEM, which also won Summa a “Best Director” award. Joining Schumacher on the features jury were filmmaker Jennifer Reeder (KNIVES AND SKIN) and Dark Star Pictures president Michael Repsch.

Reeder said of the jury’s selection of THE LAST TO SEE THEM for Best Film and Best Director: “We are in a time when many writers and directors are challenging our idea of a genre film. This particular film is an unexpected and deeply nuanced portrait of an unseen horror, based on actual events with brilliant performances and masterfully directed. [Summa] is certainly one to watch out for.”

“Best Screenplay” goes to Bartosz Konopka for his knights vs. pagans tale THE MUTE, which also won top prizes for “Best Actor” (Krzysztof Pieczynski) and “Best Cinematography (Jacek Podgorski). Rounding out the feature award winners is Azura Skye, who won “Best Actress” for her portrayal of an unraveling wife and mother in the horrific drama THE SWERVE. Additionally, “Special Mention Runner Up - Best Feature” acknowledgements were given to THE MUTE and Kirill Sokolov’s rip-roaring revenge rampager WHY DON’T YOU JUST DIE!, which also took this year’s “Audience Award.”

The Cinepocalypse short film jury, presided over by filmmaker Austin Vesely (SLICE), Music Box Films Lisa Holmes, and film critic Nick Allen, award “Best Short” to BUDFOOT, from co-directors Tim Reis and James Sizemore.

The shorts jury also awarded Marion Renard “Best Director” for SWITCH; two “Best Performance” awards—Nora Dolmans in SWITCH and Meredith Alloway for DEEP TISSUE; “Best Cinematography” to THE THIRD HAND’s director of photography James Watson; “Best Editing” to Sydney Clara Brafman for THE ONLY THING I LOVE MORE THAN YOU IS RANCH DRESSING; “Best Kill” to Erik Boccio’s BRUTAL REALTY, INC.; “Best Scare” to GO TO SLEEP: A LAO GHOST STORY; “Best Creature” to ROAD TRASH; “Best Comedy” for WHO YOU ARE; and “Best Film with a Social Message” to WOMXN, from directors Adrien Gystere Peskine and Eden Tinto Collins. The special “Hagazussa Award for Best Slow Burn” was given to Tomas Stark’s DELIRIA.

Cinepocalypse will return to The Music Box Theatre in 2020.

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The Music Box Theatre stands as one of the nation’s most prestigious art house theatres, and has recently made a concerted effort to diversify programming and bolster local audiences. Located on the city’s Northside at 3733 North Southport Ave, The Music Box's year-round programming has consistently offered genre fans some of the very finest cinematic experiences in digital, 35mm, and 70mm formats.

For additional information on the next edition of Cinepocalypse, please visit www.musicboxtheatre.com.

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