1987 was a wild year for horror and sci-fi cinema. We had an eclectic array of brilliant movies that spanned nearly every sub-genre you could imagine: classic monsters, vampires, slashers, supernatural, erotic thrillers, zombies, possession, cannibals, aliens, evil toys, cabin in the woods, anthological, or even indescribable horror (à la Street Trash). You name it, and there was probably a movie that came out during 1987 that would absolutely fit the bill. It was a banner year, and an amazing time to be a genre fan (for those of us old enough to have lived through it in real time).

In the spirit of last year’s “Class of 1986” celebration which we hosted right here on Daily Dead, for the next few weeks we’ll be running our “Class of 1987” series, which will pay tribute to a number of notable horror and sci-fi movies from 1987 with retrospectives, exclusive interviews, Corpse Club podcast episodes, and other celebratory offerings through mid-July.

We do hope you’ll check back in right here each and every day to help us commemorate a truly incredible year of movies that continue to influence new filmmakers and resonate with fans to this very day.

  • Heather Wixson
    About the Author - Heather Wixson

    Heather A. Wixson was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, until she followed her dreams and moved to Los Angeles in 2009. A 14-year veteran in the world of horror entertainment journalism, Wixson fell in love with genre films at a very early age, and has spent more than a decade as a writer and supporter of preserving the history of horror and science fiction cinema. Throughout her career, Wixson has contributed to several notable websites, including Fangoria, Dread Central, Terror Tube, and FEARnet, and she currently serves as the Managing Editor for Daily Dead, which has been her home since 2013. She's also written for both Fangoria Magazine & ReMind Magazine, and her latest book project, Monsters, Makeup & Effects: Volume One will be released on October 20, 2021.