Those on the lookout for classic and obscure horror titles will be interested in today's round-up. We have some new DVD releases to report on from Blue Underground, along with a few upcoming Blu-ray titles :

The first three titles are part of Blue Underground's Midnight Movies Horror Triple Feature DVD set. The next 3 are part of Blue Underground's Midnight Movies Thriller Triple Feature DVD set. Both DVD's will be available on July 31st.

A Blade in the Dark: "Bruno is hired to compose the music for a new horror movie and rents an isolated villa to concentrate on his work. But when several beautiful young women are brutally murdered within the house, Bruno becomes obsessed with solving the savage crimes. Is a clue to the killer’s identity hidden within the film itself, or is there a more horrifying secret lurking deep in the dark?"

Macabre: "In this horrific tale of murder, madness and perverse passion, a New Orleans wife and mother carries on a torrid affair behind her family’s back. But when a violent accident leaves her lover dead, the woman returns from a mental institution determined to pursue her forbidden desires. Has she found a ghastly new way to satisfy her lust, or is sexual depravity all in the head?"

Shock: "When a family moves into a home with a shocking secret, their lives become a nightmare of homicidal hallucinations as their young son begins to communicate with the spirits of the dead. Remodeled in madness and painted in blood, they soon discover that domestic bliss can be murder… when home is where the horror is."


Bloodstained Shadow: "When a young college professor (Lino Capolicchio of THE HOUSE WITH LAUGHING WINDOWS) returns home to visit his Catholic priest brother (Craig Hill of DRACULA VS FRANKENSTEIN), prominent members of the community begin to be stalked and slaughtered by an unknown killer. Can the brothers uncover the identity of this deranged fiend, even while they are being tortured by their own nightmares of an unspeakable childhood trauma?"

Short Night of Glass Dolls: "The corpse of reporter Gregory Moore (Jean Sorel of LIZARD IN A WOMAN’S SKIN) is found in a Prague plaza and brought to the local morgue. But Moore is actually alive, trapped inside his dead body and desperately recalling how the mysterious disappearance of his beautiful girlfriend (Barbara Bach of THE SPY WHO LOVED ME) led to a terrifying conspiracy of depravity. Can a reporter with no visible signs of life solve this perverse puzzle before he meets his ultimate deadline?"

Who Saw Her Die:"The life of a Venice sculptor (former James Bond George Lazenby of ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE) is torn apart when his visiting young daughter (Nicoletta Elmi of DEEP RED and TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE) is found murdered. But when the police are unable to find the killer, the grieving father’s own investigation uncovers a high-level conspiracy of sexual perversion and violence. What depraved compulsions led to the murder of this child? And most horrifying of all, WHO SAW HER DIE?"


Morturary: "On May 15th, Scorpion Releasing, in conjunction with Camelot Entertainment, presents MORTUARY. Bill Paxton, Christopher George, and Lynda Day George star in this chilling tale of horror-filled nightmares that comes startlingly close to reality! Christie Parson (Mary McDonough) has been having terrifying nightmares ever since her father drowned in the family swimming pool. She knows his death was not an accident, but no one believes her. That is, until her boyfriend Greg (David Wallace) sees a hooded figure, identical to the one that Christie has described as being in her nightmares, in the town's mortuary. But is it real, or is it all in Christie's mind? Special Features include: Play with or without the "Nightmare Theater" experience; Brand New 16x9 (1.78:1) HD master from the original InterNegative; On camera interview with composer John Cacavas; Original Trailer; and Reversible sleeve with and without the banner." [Source: DVD Drive-In]

Tales That Witness Madness and The Spirit is Willing: On June 26, Olive Films will release the 1973 British horror anthology Tales That Witness Madness on Blu-ray and DVD. This is a 1973 British anthology film starring Donald Pleasance. William Castle’s The Spirit is Willing will also be available on Blu-ray/DVD on the same date. [Source: DVD Drive-In]